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This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S1

A few weeks after the Battle of Canterlot, Flash, Twilight and their friends are called by Princess Celestia to defeat a returning evil. Will they succeed, or will Equestria be plunged into eternal chaos?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Trainer of Friendship

After getting his motivation back for adventure, Will decides to go on a journey through the Alola Region. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon decide to join him in order to learn more about how to raise Pokémon.

Chapters (3)

This Equestria, a different Equestria where Luna never became Nightmare Moon. Instead Celestia succumbed to her desire for everlasting peace in a world of light was twisted creating Daybreaker.
After a massive battle Luna emerged victorius thanks to her friends who she has bestowed immortality to.

Now millenia later Daybreaker returned and was defeated by Sunset Shimmer, Luna's student and her friends:Spitfire Flare, Strawberry Sunrise, Coco Pommel, Nurse Redheart Asclepius, and Trixie Lulamoon.

A year later an ancient order devoted to the worship of Daybreaker seeks her Resurrection and is using Sunset to do it, however the ritual is interrupted and a mysterious and odd young filly named Helia is created. Now its upto Sunset who happened upon the creature in the Everfree Forest to protect her from the cult and from her own past, all in order to see to it the crimes primordial to this innocent, yet somewhat bratty young life are not the catalyst to usher in Daybreakers Resurrection

Chapters (1)

Pheebs is destined to save Ponyville from Nightmare Moon, but it is said she will get help from another universe. Someone more powerful needs to help her. Will he help, or will he be too cold towards her?

Chapters (4)

Side-Story to When Dimensions Unite

While the events of When Dimensions Unite continue to unfold, somewhere across time and space, many events a cure as universes collide, worlds unite, characters meet and the binderies and rules of all of creation break!

Witness as your favourite characters encounter unknown enemies from beyond their worlds, heroes and villains do battle and much, much more, the possibilities are completely endless!!

Each story contains many events that take place before, during and/or after the events of each chapter of the main story.

Will feature special side stories, battles and even some non-canon PSAs for all to enjoy!

Chapters (1)

This is a Crossover Story between Witcher series and FiM
Witcher 3 and the Witcher series trademarked by CD Projeckt Red and the Novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski
Friendship is Magic is trademarked by Hasbro and made by Lauren Faust
This is a fanfiction, please support the official releases~WARNING SPOILERS FOR WITCHER 3 AHEAD. DON'T COMPLAIN!

This ending was achieved by me personally.

"The 3rd Northern War ended, the invader from the south achieved complete victory. Robbed of Radovid's tactical genius the northern realms cannot withstand Emhyr's countless legions. Black banners appeared in Novigrad and all of Redenia. Weary of Rebel raids Emhyr var Emerin conceded restoring Temeria as realm in liege of the empire. When the guerillas laid down their arms the emperor shifted his forces to other fronts. Through Nilfgard's victory, the Temerians got their country back and history once again proved a consummate trickster.

Having dealt with Radovid, Emhyr var Emerin did the same to enemies domestic. The emperor's loyal spies named all that conspired against him- traders, soldiers and aristocrat alike though their mutiny was only a murky plan, the emperor shown no mercy. As was his wont.

While the continent bled engulfed by war. Skellige bloomed under Cerys; enlighten rule. Unlike those who come before her, the young queen did not raid foreign shores. Looking instead to her people, tending to her land. The island bound nation prospered though it's fangs of yore were dulled.

Hard as it may to be believed, Geralt planted roots- in faraway Kovir. He and Triss settled down, their home warm and smelled of freshly baked cakes. Guests are always welcome no matter the day or the hour. The Witcher would take jobs at times more out of habit than need. For Triss had earned a true fortune as the mage advisor to Kovir's king."

"Thus this end this story of my dear friend Geralt of Rivia.

This is not his story, this is the story of the young Swallow. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon heir to Nilfgard's throne Chose the life of a witcher, on the path. Geralt taught her all he knew and they each set on their own paths. Soon word of the ashen-haired witcheress spread throughout the North, from Yaruga to the mountains of Kovir. But this isn't about those adventures, no my dear readers. This is the story of how Ciri found her way into a new world of magic and friendship. Rife with wonders and and it's own danger."- Julian Alfred Pankratz "Dandelion", viscount de Lettenhove.

Chapters (2)

Strange Reptiles called Dinosaurs have come to Ponyville why are they there? Where did they come from? What will happen during the Dinosaurs visit? Will anypony get hurt? Why are they there? You can read the story to find out.

Chapters (4)

Paradise: a mythical place that is said to be the birth place for the world. where wishes are granted by a goddess named Gaia. a world without wars, sickness, death. But if a world like this truly exist then why, is ours so broken.So full of pain, of hate, of suffering?
For lance the wolf this legend is the last remaining memory of what he lost, working under the equestrian guard until he meets another wolf by the name of iris thrusting him into a adventure around the world to find the legendry paradise.

Chapters (1)

In the style of the popular 1800s short stories, Sherlock Holmes, comes a series of adventures starring Starswirl the Bearded as the "Sherlock" archetype. Following him is Shining Armor in the role of Watson, allowing us to explore the thrilling world of Equestria through his journal entries!

(Note: this is not a crossover with Sherlock, or any spin-offs of that brand. This is simply in the style and personality of the original passages by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but with many twists befitting the personalities of Starswirl and Shining Armor and the world of Equestria)

Chapters (1)

Ponyville before the Rainboom...

A simpler town from a simpler time. Sure, sometimes something would come out of the Everfree for a bout, but for the most part, everything is pretty normal and relaxed for the quaint town. To most of the residents, this is exactly the way they like things: simple, ordered.

There are others who think the monotony is boring and scream to the heavens asking for adventure.

There are still others who know better - that adventure is around every corner in this town, and it is not as pleasant as many would like to believe.

Ponies are going to start disappearing. There will be a monster, a conspiracy, a crisis. But, for now, none of the ponies are aware of the excitement coming their way. The foals and fillies are preparing for a party - an event rather hard to come by these days. Perhaps they will enjoy their party, perhaps not, it really doesn't matter.

What matters is that danger is out there, and their eyes are about to be opened.

While this is inspired by Stranger Things, this is not a crossover.

Do not expect regular updates.


Chapters (1)
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