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Upset that she lacks a pet of adequate fluffiness, Princess Luna summons a Woolly Mammoth.

Edited by James Fire!

Chapters (1)

Young Celestia and Luna get a brand new board game in which they create their own universe. Will Celestia have fun? Will Luna be allowed to play her custom content? And, most importantly, will they get their (parents') money worth out of the base set, or will they succumb to buying endless expansions, mini-packs and randomized boosters to get the full experience?

Inspired by the recent uproar in the gaming community regarding loot boxes and shady business practices. May contain microtransactions.

Chapters (1)

I've had many names given to me; the Monster, Ruinator, War Mistress, and Death.

But I prefer to call myself Zerstörung, the Goddess of Havoc. I bring extinction, the apocalypse, and war.

But my reign over these things were brought to an end when I was encased in stone by King Sol and Queen Selene, whom declared my "acts of evil" were at an end.

But after a billion years, I've finally been freed from my eon long prison.

And I have a lot to do.

New story! (I should seriously stop making them and continue the ones I created already)

But whatever, criticism is, of course, welcomed.

Prologue is also required to to be read in order to understand this story.

Chapters (2)

The equestria region, a land full of harmony and peace that is ruled by Princess Celestia the Gardevoir. Everything was fine until one day a mysterious new Pokemon named Sonic appears. Wanting to find out more about him, Princess Celestia had her star pupil Twilight Sparkle the Kirlia, study him and possibly befriend him by sending them to pokeville, unaware she had them start in an unexpected adventure.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has seen and been in all sorts of situations. But sometimes a situation's outcome is so important, that they may change you life.

Of course, these kind of situations aren't that rare for Twilight. In fact only one was had made her loose her footing. When she became an alicorn.

But now, a huge new change in her life is about to happen.

The story runs as if the finale of season seven (Shadow Play 1&2) don't exist.
Includes species change, bugs, awkward moments, egg laying.

Inspired by Change.

Chapters (2)

As flare returns to the courtroom, He discovers that he has lost his experience. After his first client is saved, another is accused. Can he save his clients from a long and gloomy life?

Chapters (1)

Silver Spirit is unhappy. A failed author, he finds comfort in literature, either reading it or writing it. But one day, he decides that he has nothing left to live for.
He is about to take his own life, when the Mane Six come to rescue.

Sometimes, all you ever need is a friend.

Chapters (1)

There’s a fisting event happening coming to Ponyville. Spike is excited to attend, Twilight is terrified for his innocence.

Edited by Dreams of Ponies and B_25

"Sex" tag included for reasons.

Chapters (1)

In this timeline, Tirek decided not to betray Discord. After the battle with Twilight Sparkle, Lord Tirek ascends to the throne and begins to rule Equestria with an iron fist. Little did the centaur know, however, that his kingdom was going to receive a certain visitor who had been banished by Discord 1000 years ago...

Chapters (1)

Captain Greggarome of the Galactic Hegemony is appalled at what he witnesses. When he was assigned to this world, it was because the council thought this world was ripe for annexation. He was to survey the world, and if permitted, make first contact.

Chapters (1)
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