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After another expedition with the crazy fake mystery finding show. Komasan and Komajiro ends up finding the real portal and get sucked up to the world of Canterlot High. They end up meeting Sunset Shimmer and their friends. How will they this adventure to another world go for the two Yo kai and the Main Seven of the high school?

Chapters (1)

Being rejected can be hard, but when your love rejects you for her best friend who happens to be of the same gender as her, it can leave you with a broken heart you think will never mend. However, comfort can be found in the most unlikely cases - such as a car ride with an old acquaintance. (Set a few years after The Legend of Everfree)

[SunsetxTwilight] [FlashxTimber]

Chapters (1)

Sugarcoat has an illness inherited from her father. As a young girl, she would be in and out of the hospital. Sugarcoat’s condition stabilized when she was a little older and was only taking medication regularly. But recently, Sugarcoat becomes sick and is sent to the hospital.

Twilight Sparkle visits Sugarcoat in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Sugarcoat opens up to Twilight and the two of them bond. They find themselves becoming closer friends, but with Sugarcoat's unpredictable illness, would it last?

Chapters (1)

One month after taking the Dazzlings into his home, Silent Mic deals with a trouble-making Adagio. Deciding that she needs to be punished for her ignorance, despite warnings that she needs to improve her behaviour after misbehaving so many times.

This will be a set of mini-stories, set between the fictions "A Sweet Love."

Commissioned by DrDark7

Chapters (1)

As soon as Vice Principal Luna convinced Dean Cadance to prove that she does, in fact, have a spectacular and real rack, she must feed her new addiction in the only way she knows how: working her way through the students and staff of Canterlot High! Watch in horror, arousal, or both as Luna mashes her face in as many lovely jubblies as she can.

Blame Fuzzyfurvert for this. Nothing good can possibly come from Discord server conversations where every other post is vulgar, and the ones that aren't are pictures of waifus. Sorry not sorry.

Alternate title: Vice Principal Luna Can't Stop Motorboating The Student Body of Canterlot High And Somehow Manages to Avoid Jail Time

Chapters (1)

Every story has a beginning. The Paladins are no different. This is the story of how one man traversed the dimensions in seek of those willing to rally under his cause. His journey will be perilous. He will turn into a wolf. In the end, he will prevail.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer approached Adagio Dazzle in the hall—well, cornered her, really—and vowed to teach Adagio how to sing again without the help of a mind controlling magic gem.

After a bit of persuading, Adagio begrudgingly relinquished her home address and accepted the fact that Sunset would be there that weekend. Sunset knew that once Adagio had a chance to think about it, though, she would surely be grateful for Sunset's offer and be willing to put in the effort to learn to sing again. And there was no way the other two sirens along with the general school populace avoided Adagio because she was just that awful.

Chapters (2)

It started when two people crossed through opposite ends of the portal at the same time.

Rodrick MacBride and Twilight Sparkle are connected through dreams. If one's asleep, they see life through the other's eyes. If both are asleep, they are cast off in a dark realm where they speak with one another.

All the while, the Celestias from both of their worlds have been kidnapped, and they use this communication to their advantage to figure out the mystery behind their disappearance and their super-powered captors.

Chapters (3)

A dimension-hopping warrior sees the climax of Friendship Games and throws himself into the fray, Future pairings.

Chapters (4)
This story is a sequel to My little pony Equestria girls vs The Transformers

The After events of the first battle, A Force only known as A Nightmare tries to take over the EG Universe, With the creation of Optumis evil twin Nemesis prime, And the RESURRECTION of Megatron. Can the Main 7 and the Autobots stop this evil and save the world?

Chapters (4)
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