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Equestrian culture loves cutie marks. Filly Starlight Glimmer hates them and never wants one. So, she leaves Equestria.

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Austraeoh.

Chapters (6)

"It has been theorised that this great land once had another ruler, one that shaped and molded it into the home we now know. One far older than our fair princesses and those who came before them, one that breathed our ancestors to life. Of course, no amount of theological discussion can lead to any concrete evidence, and the teleological debates regarding the extrinsic value of our own land and technology is inconclusive also. Epistomologically, we must assume that there is no greater power than the entities which we are aware of, until it is shown otherwise."

Swirl, Star. The Extrinsic Elements of Metaphysics: A Compendium of Theory and Conjecture. Canterlot, Royal Canterlot Library, 2988 ND. 3rd edition.

Even the greatest theorists only knew a small portion of the story. While it is true that there were once beings of immense power, creatures that breathed the alicorns into existence and played a hand in the conceptualisation of Equestria, there were also others.

Both sides once left; one is coming back.

Rainbow Dash has no experience in dealing with doctrines nor demons, nor any knowledge of their existence. When she is thrust head first into a steadily building catastrophe, she will have to put her life on hold in an attempt to do her civic duty.

Discord, however, has a history with these creatures, being almost ancient as them, but after three and a half thousand years encased in stone, he is feeling a little stiff. He also doesn't want to be stiffed, knowing that one of the ponies who incarcerated him in the first place will not release him lightly; not without an ace in her mane. Especially not Luna, she disliked him especially.

Luna knows a great deal of the past: Centuries of research and innumerous amounts of time spent delving into magics that no unicorn could hope to perform has allowed her that luxury.

The princess realises that those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. She also wonders which of her companions will be the most difficult to control. The only thing she knows for certain is that her sister cannot catch wind of the situation arising, nor of her plans to suppress it.

If Celestia found out, Equestria would never survive.

Chapters (1)

For the past few weeks, Princess Celestia has been quite used to Daybreaker tempting her in her dreams. Unfortunately for Daybreaker, Celestia doesn't have much use for even greater power or the terrified fealty of others, and even threatening Celestia doesn't seem to perturb the princess in the slightest.

But Celestia wasn't prepared for a dream about making conversation over pancakes with Daybreaker. And she certainly wasn't expecting the loud-mouthed and melodramatic alicorn to be horrifyingly effective at crushing her will with breakfast and cold, twisted logic.

All of my thanks to Door Belle, Garnot and Pearple Prose for helping me write this. I'm profoundly thankful for their help.

Indirectly inspired by the works of Boundlessanon.

Chapters (1)

Written with permission from the amazing Kkat

Littlepip has something important to tell her friends. Her confession will determine the future relationship with them.

The following story is based on the idea that ponies naturally form herds instead of couples and tend to have a polyamoric love life.

Chapters (1)

When Summer Sketch become pregnant, all seems tombs going great. That is, until her very protective family hears the news, and wants to talk to the colt that knocked her up. Will Connie survive?

Art and pre-read by Summer Magic

Chapters (1)

Applejack was a bit hesitant and confused when the no good conman, Flim, appeared at her front door, asking for advice. Naturally, she turned away from him, still bitter about everything he has done to her family and friends in the past.

As days go by, however, Applejack comes to terms with Flim. And, she quickly realizes that just like ponies can change, hearts can change, too.

This story is a side story to Chosen Love. Consequently, there are some spoilers for that story.

Sex tag is for a few innuendos.

Cover art made by me. That's why it's bad.

Chapters (14)

Set between MLP:FiM Season 3 and 4.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles find themselves against Dr. Eggman once again, the scientist wanting to use the Chaos Emeralds for an unknown plan.

Unfortunately, the plan involved sending the trio to another world, which he plans to conquer as well as seek what are known as the Elements of Harmony. The fate of Equestria hangs in the balance as the heroes of both worlds must join forces against Eggman's robot army.

Can Team Sonic and the Elements foil Eggman’s latest scheme or will they fail?

Chapters (1)

Celestia is somewhat out of practice with the whole "warrior princess" thing. Luna agrees.

Part of the sandwichverse.

Chapters (1)

After what happen in the last book, Darren closed his eyes to the sky as he disappeared out of existent, but only to be woken up in a strange place

(Cirque Du Freak X MLP) (Will Contain Spoilers to the series)
Note: this takes place before the CMC got their cutie marks

Chapters (1)

I would do anything to see her. Climb mountains, swim seas... But it's just a fantasy world, which I can't—even if I try—get out of my head. So why did I care to investigate the impossible of that fantasy?

Chapters (2)
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