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This story is a sequel to Why Me?!

[[Warning: contains cursing]]
The Wonderbolts have been on tour since the events that occurred in Manehatten. Soarin and Rainbow Dash couldn't be happier with each other. That is until a certain headline comes out involving Soarin, and Rainbow Dash starts to believe that giving her heart to the Wonderbolt was a big mistake.

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It's a simple thing, really. Celestia and Luna would normally do it, but the palace has been rather busy of late. So all Twilight has to do is go to Baltimare and officially launch three ships, because launching ships is one of the official duties of a Princess. What could be simpler?

After Twilight instinctively chooses the wrong definition of 'ship' and desperately asks a friend for help? Just about anything.

(Now with author Patreon page.)

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You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is a dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You have just crossed over into... The Twilight Zone.

On a normal June day, Bright Mac and his wife, Buttercup were about to head into town for a quick errand while they left their children with their grandmother until they get back. On the way, Buttercup expresses her concerns about if they were good enough parents that their children would become good ponies like themselves. But before they could proceed any further, they remember that they had to go back to Sweet Apple Acres to receive something that they have forgotten. It is when they get back that the story really begins.

As you can guess, this is a AJ’s parent’s story that I’m doing it in the style of a Twilight Zone episode. Also, keep in mind that this is currently unedited. So if there is someone who is willing to volunteer to proofread it, please PM me to discuss with me further.

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Havelock Vetinari- master chessmaster, patrician and lord of Ankh-Morpork, (former) assassin and possibly the most dangerous man on the disc.

He's been a lot of things in his life, and as he juggles the political coalitions, unstable individuals, race relations, and magical mishaps of the city, he's never really missed the social life he discarded for this job.

The arrival of a small, white filly in his throne room will give him a chance to try adding "father" to his list of titles.

Inspired heavily by Tatsurou's My Little PWNY stories, and by the shameful lack of Discworld crossovers on this site.

First story- updates will be slow, and commentary is greatly appreciated. I may solicit direction for how the story should go down the line, if I get that far. Will try to update one a week.

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Sunset Shimmer has been acting sort of strange recently—enough that Twilight Sparkle has started to notice. And even though the rest of the girls doubt anything’s wrong, Twilight is determined to find out what’s up.

Content warning: Depression. Drug use and abuse. You know the drill?

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Fifteen years in the future, Flurry Heart is now a grown teenager and Princess of the Crystal Empire. Over the years she's been taught by her parents and Aunts powerful magical spells and the lessons of growing up.

In the present year Twilight and the others are awoken by a loud sound resonating in the castle. Looking to see what it was they saw a young Alicorn mare who claims to be Twilight's niece from the future. Their morning just went from normal to weird.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash is stuck inside with Fluttershy. Without much to do they find themselves lazing about on the couch reading and generally enjoying each others company/ trying not to be bored. But something is wrong, Rainbow knows it. The only problem is if she can be uncool long enough to ask.

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Flash Sentry has decided to make a new change in his life, and have a brand new beginning. He's started college, and he's going to make something of himself.

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