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I’m Michael skyline and I’m different in a way. I play bloodborne when I was 4 and I beat it with using bloodtinge build. My eyes changed color once I was insulted. My friends noticed it and I looked in the mirror to see them. Then I had dreams of bloodborne. What happened next scared and amazed me.

Chapters (1)

Vinyl and Octavia may be total opposites but opposites attract when they like each other. There's one little problem, they are both oblivious to each others feelings for one another. They are afraid of what others might think. They want to be each other without realizing it but yet they don't want to. One day, Vinyl invites Octavia to a nightclub to ask her out. Octavia thinks that Vinyl might ask her out yet she thinks she won't. This is Octavia's first time but so far things go well until Vinyl introduces Octavia to one of friends. When a few misunderstandings occurred, they thought it was too late to tell the other "I love you.".

rated T for mild language and mild sexual content.

This was inspired by the song: Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgy7vEje5-w

I do not own the song, the cover art, or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Chapters (1)

Matthew has a dilemma: either find a way home or find a way to save this world. Maybe a certain pony can help him. (Takes place the day after the movie. Prone to edits, so expect them. Also, please don't be too harsh this is my first attempt.)
Any resemblances between the characters/story here and other pieces of work are completely coincidental.

Chapters (1)

Hello Again! Here we are, the final part of the Burning Star Saga!

Before reading this, read my previous stories "Nightmare Ponyville" and "Dark Star of Shadows" first.



It's time to end this battle, Burning Star now faces a threat so great, it will not be stopped without the help of Twilight, her friends, and a few of Burning Star's old friends as well... and a foe from the movie as Well!

There will be action, adventure, and a interesting villain in the form of Queen Diamanda... who will stop at nothing until all of Equestria is underneath her frozen hoof!

Chapters (3)

After years of conflict, ponies and changelings finally came together in harmony and friendship. Now, a couple of years since the new alliance, drone CD-042 or Mending Heart is preparing her house for the most important Hearth's Warming Eve of her entire life, when she would make a surprise for her coltfriend.

Little did she knew that her coltfriend, Ancient Scroll, also had a surprise planned for her.

Author's Note:
Written for the Categoricalgrant's cuddlefic contest!
Cover art from Lattynskit

Chapters (1)

Note: This one-shot story has been divided into three parts due to its length.

The Changelings are scattered and weakened in the wake of the aftermath for the Battle of Canterlot. Now, even Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen is surrounded by her enemies, and continues to struggle to survive in disguise. Yet among the ruins of defeat and animosity, love blooms when it's least expected.

If you Like the story, please hit that like button. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Should you Dislike, please state in the comments below and why. Your opinion would be valued and considered. Thank you.

This story was written in collaboration with
Requiem17 for marking. Please check out their Fimfiction profiles and their content!

Chapters (3)

Twilight was willing to forgive Tempest and move on. But Tempest felt she needed to face consequences for her actions against Equestria and asked the princesses to pass judgement. But her sentence wasn't anything she could have expected, and where it takes her even less so.

Shipping: Twilight x Tempest

WARNING: May contain some spoilers as to The MLP Movie. Nothing major, but just a heads up for people that are trying to avoid *anything* spoilery.

Chapters (1)

The main crew, the Dazzlings, the Shadowbolts, and others all get invited to the CHS yearly dance. Everyone is there for about the same reason, but as the night goes on, their reasons change.

Each chapter focuses on a new set of people. Every chapter is about the same party, just from different view points.

Basically, find a couple you like and read about what they do, or try reading new ones, or read all of it...it's up to you.

Chapters (7)

Fluttershy has always liked Twilight as a friend but when Twilight got her wings she saw Twilight in a whole new way. It got harder to talk to her and she decides Zecora might be able to help her.

Chapters (2)

Lyra Heartstrings has been obsessed with humans ever since she was a little filly and she is striving to find a way to get to a human world to experience that alien world for herself. Her friends are worried about her behavior, especially her marefriend Bon-Bon; they have been witnessing her experiments which they are concerned that one of those would hurt somepony someday.

One day, Lyra heard a rumor that Twilight Sparkle has a portal that leads to the Human World and it mirrors Equestria and the inhabitants. She was thrilled to go there to start her new life but she is afraid that her marefriend would persuade her to not go or destroy that portal.

Instead, Lyra got herself kicked out of her own home after an experiment gone wrong. She wrote a letter to Bon-Bon saying that she will be leaving Ponyville forever and find a new home somewhere in Equestria, but in actuality, she was going towards the portal.

After Lyra found a chance to get into the portal, she was teleported to the world she desired for so long. However, when she got there she was immediately greeted by a crying human girl who said: “I thought you died…”

The first thought that Lyra thought of was “What just happened?”.

Let see where this story goes. Shall we?

(I put the Sex tag for there will be some swearing, sexual innuendo, etc.)

Chapters (2)
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