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Trixie Lulamoon, once world-famous magician, now homeless living in the Everfree. When one day she is saved by a strange creature known as a human and decides, with few other options, to get a job as his assistant. The man, Damien Peregrinus, is a well-known merchant who travels across galaxies, well-loved by some, hated fiercely by others. Association with him, causes Trixie to get in all sorts of trouble, and it will test her. Can Trixie be a hero to Equestria? To the Galaxy? Or is a hero even what the galaxy needs?

~Gradna~ The planet which houses Equestria

Chapters (1)

In the far-off reaches of Neo-Equestria, a race of actually heroic space ponies venture across the universe to save any planets in need of dire assistance. For nearly a millennium, they served to protect, acting as a beacon of hope. But an ancient evil has begun to awaken from its long imprisonment, and so it's up to the newer generation of ponies to save the day!

But as they do, they have to come face to face with several powerful monsters, crafty henchmen, and their own inner demons as they discover the true meaning of friendship wherever they go. They must make new allies in the most unlikely of places, and work together to bring down the dark sorcerer that threatens all of existence, even as their struggle brings them to a world similar to their own...

Let the adventures begin!

Chapters (1)

Rarity the unicorn goes to Yakyakistan on business, where she meets the dashing earth pony Shadowfax and his human master Beaumains. Shadowfax and Rarity soon find themselves falling for each other and enjoying life in Beaumains's cottage, but tragedy strikes when Beaumains is mysteriously killed by gangsters. Heartbroken, Rarity quickly brings Shadowfax to Canterlot, where he helps out with the investigation work in Canterlot Investigation Bureau under the watchful eyes of Big McIntosh and human leader Alberto. Just as Rarity was about to start getting used to the castle life under Alberto, Beaumains resurfaces…

This story is perhaps the first to include several "OC's" based on real-life horses (Cigar, a Thoroughbred and a former race horse - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cigar_(horse) ) as well as horses from other universes (Shadowfax from LotR), along with many of the MLP ponies. The titular "nameless brony" is Beaumains, whose real identity will not be revealed until I complete the final episode.

PONIES: Rarity, Shadowfax, Cigar, Big McIntosh, Applejack, Dumb-bell.

GOOD HUMANS: Huascar León, Alberto García, Beaumains.

VILLAIN HUMANS: Soleano Fellini, Jovento Bajarán, Taddeo Spettro, Beniamino Deakins.

Chapters (1)

It's been almost twenty years after the apocalyptic Trainfall, and Equestria has changed in many ways. Ponies have changed, humans now live in many of the cities and the world has mostly adjusted to the new ways of life. However, there still exist others that do not enjoy the peace that Equestria has worked so hard to attain, and have many different ideas to destroy said peace forever.

Lost in the depths of Manehatten, a small colt by the name of Scarlet survives day by day. As the days go by, his secret becomes harder to find, and the ones hunting him draw ever closer. If he wants to survive, is only hope is to come to grips with his few forgotten memories, and what he already knows.

Chapters (1)

Tread lightly is considered a brillaint flawed scientist. A few ponies are ashamed of her while others appear to embrace her ideas. Today however, her new lab assistant has finally arrived and with that it is time to begin a journey to create something beautiful for those whom have suffered the loss of a wing.
Her new assistant and an old friend will face a few trials along the way past the northern lights of equestia and into the depths of the mountains to search for something that fell from the stars. All this way only to discover the reason why no pony really uses the star rock known as iridium; as something terrible is secretly awaiting their arrival. It even goes so far as to inhibit their journey, terrorize the ponies, and leave them with scrambling for solutions to their troubles.

Chapters (1)

The series follows Noir (pronounced like the french word but made of two syllables) Disharmony and her attempt at repelling the Wolmetahls, horrifying metal constructs of an unknown origin that had invaded the young kingdom of Zir'lan, starting with a vicious attack on the Capital known as the Blitz that resulted in the entire royal family of the kingdom except Noir being wiped out. The now alone young princess needs to face three enemies: The Wolmetahls themselves, the suspicion and paranoia from her kind regarding her being the last survivor, and herself, a hidden, now free side of her possessing a terrifying power threatening to take over and turn the princess into a killing machine. Will she survive in the post-Blitz Zir'lan, where raids are common occurrence and the kingdom is falling apart? Will she be able to earn the population's respect once more and lead them? Will she uncover the terrible truth behind all that had happened, and the grand scheme of The Company behind the Wolmetahls' summoning?

The project: AKA The OC-Fic project, Disharmony is a series featuring OC-s from all around the web as the actors. For more details, entering the project or checking out the OC-s, visit the project page on Deviantart, located here: http://fav.me/dbckj0s

Chapters (1)

Semi-sequel to The Last Sparkle Before the Night. Reading not required.

Twilight Sparkle died. She died saving everypony from the changelings, slaying each and every one of them with a single spell. The results?

Regrets. Pain, suffering. No chance to say goodbye, no chance for anypony to say sorry. She left behind betrayals not forgiven, and not one pony was left unburdened by her sudden passing.

There is no such thing as a second chance. Unless something special happens.

After all; Death has its servants as well. And with somepony as special as Twilight Sparkle, perhaps it might see its way to asking for her services.

Death pays well, but asks for everything. Can Twilight find her chance, or will she turn into nothing more than a pawn of the end?

Chapters (2)

Aradia Megido is a bit of an odd duck. She's been a ghost, part frog, a robot, and a deity- and she has this unhealthy obsession with death. She's been traveling existence looking for fascinating things - for a long, long time. She's ready for a change. And just like that, something calls to her from a world she's never seen before - an encouragement to drop by and visit.

So she goes to Equestria just to see what's there. It doesn't take long for her to realize that there's going to be a plethora of time shenanigans, loops, and alternate timelines. But she finds the prospect of that exciting - even if she has no idea how far it goes.

Crossover with Homestuck. Reading Homestuck is not required, though there are spoilers.

Also serves as an optional prelude to a much larger project I'm working on.

This story will only have five chapters, but will also have no update schedule whatsoever.

-GM, master of hiccups.

Chapters (1)

With the death of Planet Vegeta so to ends the tale of Bardock...or so you would think if you didn't know a thing about internet fanfiction! Bardock and a young man now share a body while on Equestria. Hopefully they won't die when bad guys come to fight them. (MLP FIM / TFS dragonball z ) Crossover.

Tags - adventure, comedy, crossover.

Chapters (1)

The Force can answer many questions, but also leave many to be asked. No one fully understands it or why it acts the way it does. This world, I believe the Force has sent me here.

Chapters (1)
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