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Barbara is a new student at Canterlot High School. Because of her ADD, she's having trouble making friends. The only friends she really has are her brother and his friends, as well as her older sister, but she's quite detached from her family. Lucky for Barbara, there's another new kid at the school, a boy who seems to be interested in her.

Chapters (1)

Applejack and Rarity try to enjoy a pleasant moment, while it lasts.

Set shortly after the events of Cruise.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Discord's New Business

This is an unofficial side story to KnightMysterio's "Discord's New Business" Series.

Discord's New Business was great! The CMC decided to use it to become adults for the day, aiming to taking in all the wonders of Manhatten and finish it off with a show!

Yet as the day wears on, they began to find a lot of their expectations falling short. The biggest being their first trip to a night club.

Stage Light on the other hand is just a poor earth pony musician dragged there by his sister for a night out.

The CMC had expectations set high. Stage Light had practically none at all.

Two separate ponies meeting for a brief moment, then part ways for what would have normally been forever.

It's in those brief moments, that destinies can interweave, and pave the way to something...


Chapters (2)

As I walked into the castle all I could hear was yelling guessing it was a fight about something and I was right but I didn't think it would be about me! Know Not only do I got to deal with Luna But Know I got to deal with the wedge in between their Family Relationship the HARD way...

(Related to my other story The Lost One!)

(Short Story)

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Foal For A Day

(WARNING!:Like its predecessor, this is a padded pony fic, and as such it will contain diapers, diaper useage, and themes of ageplay to varying degrees! If you are uncomfortable with such subject material (or consider it outside your comfort zone),
please click elsewhere and DO NOT CONTINUE READING! You have been warned!)

(Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art and proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FiMFiction.)

It’s been quite a while since that faithful day when Spoiled Rich decided the key to bonding with her daughter, was to give her a chance to experience a proper foalhood. Since then, Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Rich have grown somewhat closer, and even Filthy Rich has to admit their parent/child relationship seems to be improving.

But now, Spoiled and Filthy have decided to take a big risk, and give their daughter a chance to have some playmates. Even if that means letting them know about Diamond’s secret.

Will Tiara be comfortable with the idea of other ponies knowing about her secret? And just who do her parents have in mind for “playmates”?

Chapters (1)

As Little Mac tries to choose a bedtime story for his mother to read to him and his sister, he asks why none of the old legends have earth pony heroes. His mother has a good answer for him, but she dredges up some old memories, too. Ones that Little Mac wishes she would share.

Chapters (1)

When the CMC are pulled into one of Luna's personal dreams, she reveals to them something that had lain dormant for a thousand years. As the Moon Princess battles with her inner demons, three young fillies search for the best way to repay her kindness.

Special thanks to NickNack, who helped me write this, and without whom I would never have released on time.
Cover art by Viwrastupr

Chapters (1)

Being rejected can be hard, but when your love rejects you for her best friend who happens to be of the same gender as her, it can leave you with a broken heart you think will never mend. However, comfort can be found in the most unlikely cases - such as a car ride with an old acquaintance. (Set a few years after The Legend of Everfree)

[SunsetxTwilight] [FlashxTimber]

Chapters (1)

Sugarcoat has an illness inherited from her father. As a young girl, she would be in and out of the hospital. Sugarcoat’s condition stabilized when she was a little older and was only taking medication regularly. But recently, Sugarcoat becomes sick and is sent to the hospital.

Twilight Sparkle visits Sugarcoat in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Sugarcoat opens up to Twilight and the two of them bond. They find themselves becoming closer friends, but with Sugarcoat's unpredictable illness, would it last?

Chapters (1)

Captain Fluttersky "Phoenix" Firewing and the Wonderbolts deal with a troublesome new recruit named Ace Windfeather.


Fluttersky "Phoenix" Firewing:yay:

Ace Windfeather 😊

The Wonderbolts

And a surprise character

(This story takes place within the Different View Universe)

if your wondering who the surprise character is, You'll have to read the story

Chapters (1)
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