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A vacant High-School rooftop. A brilliant sunset. Two young lovers close together. In such a moment, what else can such people do, but dance?

Part of my EG Continuity

Chapters (1)

Working on a farm is not easy.

Sunup to sundown, in the burning summer heat, harvesting the crop that brings you your livelihood, can be pure torture. Big Macintosh knows this all too well.

Thankfully, today he has a very good reason to tough it out.

Chapters (1)

Sequel to the SYNCHRONY oneshots; and takes place concurrently with the end of Oathmaker.

All across the city of Canterlot, stories are written and told each day. Stories of love and learning, adventure and mystery, family and fun. They tangle together without realizing, plots crossing plots and characters meeting characters without ever knowing the full scope of the parts they play.

And one story on a hectic Saturday begins as many, each part looking forward with excitement, none foreseeing what was to come. Such is the nature of life. Sometimes it just changes, faster and wilder than you ever realized was possible.

Pairings are SunLight and RariJack, but the story covers much more than them.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer has been acting sort of strange recently—enough that Twilight Sparkle has started to notice. And even though the rest of the girls doubt anything’s wrong, Twilight is determined to find out what’s up.

Content warning: Depression. Drug use and abuse. You know the drill?

Chapters (1)

Sunny flare had feelings for Lemon Zest since they were little.
But thanks to jealousy and possessiveness, she accidentally break Lemon Zest's headphones.
It brings her a depression that will take her into big problems.

Chapters (1)

While everything seems to become peaceful after the incident at Camp Everfree, peace soon ends up being disrupted when a Unknown pod from outer space crashes down near Canterlot High. Even more strange, a watch like device attaches to Rainbows wist. Discovering the many secrets and power the watch has, Rainbow soon learns it can turn her into aliens for a period of time

However, when a alien is out to obtain it from Rainbow at all cost, Rainbow and her friends have to everything they can to keep the watch a secret while Rainbow is being a hero. From a alien hunting Rainbow down, to a teacher hiding a secret, can Rainbow manage to use its power for good?

This is based off of Ben 10

Chapters (1)

Flash Sentry has decided to make a new change in his life, and have a brand new beginning. He's started college, and he's going to make something of himself.

Chapters (4)

When Discord is left on his own for an entire week in Equestria, he ends up finding about the alternate human world and decides to pay it a visit. There, he meets Sunset Shimmer, the Rainbooms and of course, Sonic and his friends. Discord decides to have some 'fun' with these new faces and introduces a whole new meaning to the word 'Chaos.' After everything they've been through, can Sonic and the others withstand Discord's chaos?

Chapters (1)

A little moment of quiet and relaxation. Was that really too much to ask for? For Wiz, apparently so. Because after a long day of study and tests, he finds himself, at the suggestion of his friends, at the local spa for an intended time of calm. However, he soon finds this time interrupted by the unexpected, though not entirely unwelcome arrival of his girlfriend, Aria.

Part of my EG Continuity
No sex in this story, but there will be a "sex" tag anyway because of the many moments of innuendo and other stuff I'm cramming into this one

Chapters (1)

It has been a long four years, but finally, Sunset has graduated Canterlot High School. As she remembers her days in highschool, she wonders what is the right thing to do next?

Chapters (1)
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