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  • Sunset Shimmer (Demon) 19
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You remember Sunset Shimmer. She was a striking figure. Exceedingly intelligent yet weirdly unaware of the inner workings of society. Her vocabulary was just matched in size by her ego. But through all that overbearing attitude, you perceived that she needed help settling in this town, and so you provided it.

After prodding her on the right direction and Sunset enrolling in a good school, contact between you has been sparse. But one day, she calls to you, in a surprisingly humbled tone, and asks for help with something, something that her friends can't actually help her with. Curious, and moved by your own reasons, you make some time to meet up with her, and discuss the case.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Humanity? Sanity? Sorry, I Lost Those.

Pinkamena has returned from her three months of torture, thought to be dead and gone. But, she's returned, dark and corrupted. She's hiding things, became a different person. Her friends try to help, but they don't know the truth. This is her story, her pain, who she is, and what she's become.

Chapters (1)

Sunny Flare is a tech genius and a gamer. She has two amazing parents and an ever broadening circle of friends.

But now, following the events that thrust her firmly into the world of magic, she questions her place in the world and others.

Continuity: Homecoming

Chapters (2)

The main crew, the Dazzlings, the Shadowbolts, and others all get invited to the CHS yearly dance. Everyone is there for about the same reason, but as the night goes on, their reasons change.

Each chapter focuses on a new set of people. Every chapter is about the same party, just from different view points.

Basically, find a couple you like and read about what they do, or try reading new ones, or read all of it...it's up to you.

Chapters (7)

Lyra Heartstrings has been obsessed with humans ever since she was a little filly and she is striving to find a way to get to a human world to experience that alien world for herself. Her friends are worried about her behavior, especially her marefriend Bon-Bon; they have been witnessing her experiments which they are concerned that one of those would hurt somepony someday.

One day, Lyra heard a rumor that Twilight Sparkle has a portal that leads to the Human World and it mirrors Equestria and the inhabitants. She was thrilled to go there to start her new life but she is afraid that her marefriend would persuade her to not go or destroy that portal.

Instead, Lyra got herself kicked out of her own home after an experiment gone wrong. She wrote a letter to Bon-Bon saying that she will be leaving Ponyville forever and find a new home somewhere in Equestria, but in actuality, she was going towards the portal.

After Lyra found a chance to get into the portal, she was teleported to the world she desired for so long. However, when she got there she was immediately greeted by a crying human girl who said: “I thought you died…”

The first thought that Lyra thought of was “What just happened?”.

Let see where this story goes. Shall we?

(I put the Sex tag for there will be some swearing, sexual innuendo, etc.)

Chapters (2)

Orion, an orphaned young teen from Earth had attempted suicide by downing a bottle of bleach, but... survived? Well, he did and didn't. He did die, but he was revived into a different world.(Yes, it's one of those stories) Confused and dazed, he soon finds himself awake in the hospital. After explaining to Nurse Redheart what's happened to him, she finds it hard to believe, but she believes him nonetheless. She adopts him, and registers him into Canterlot High School.

Orion has to get used to live in this new world, and meet friends, along with a few enemies. Still trying to cope with his depression, new enemies is the last thing he needs...

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Homework is a Real Kick in the Dick

Having added new features to her Beanis Brand Sexual Aid and Information Injector, Twilight Sparkle decides she can kill two birds with one stone by combining product testing and researching. However, the data transfer speed is a little underwhelming. Not wanting to spend another long night in the lab, Twilight calls on the aid of her friend, Sunset Shimmer.

Chapters (1)

Sunset finally has the bike ready for a good coat of paint. And luckily, she has a friend that can give her a good deal.

Continuity: Homecoming

Chapters (1)

When a strange entity enters the home of Sunset Shimmer, it will cause a chain of event that will forever change this world. Do you like clowns and Pokemon? Then read and see what happens.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/My Little Pony(Equestria Girls) crossover.

Blacephalon (UB Burst) has been changed as inspired by Stephen King’s IT.

One-shot story.

Chapters (1)

Sun and her friends are starting a band, and will need to get ready for it. Along the way they'll discover the magic of friendship will always be with them.

Chapters (4)
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