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When the Mane 6 are transported into the world filled with the Need For Speed, they are forced to work with the leader of a racing group in order to get back home. In order to do so however, they must drive to get there, and it will not be easy. What will they drive? How far will they go? How many cops will they thrash? All is to be revealed in the new action-packed racing thriller game, The Ultimate Need For Speed.

Chapters (1)

A long time ago, longer than any of us can remember, a mare brought us in. We were lost, hopeless, confused. But this mare, Mother, the mare who brings us hope, love, and equality, gave us a new life.

One where, we are all equal. Nopony is higher than another. Nopony is better than another. We are all friends, we are family, sisters and brothers.

We are all friends and family.

My Teacher and friend, tells me I am 'different'. I am 'special'. As though she knows more about me than I do.

My Teacher is full of mysteries, she is not like the others. She must be what she calls, 'important'.

And, why is it, that I sometimes long for something other than equality, if something like that exists.

I wish I could be somewhere out of Her watching eye.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash knew from the start that she was the daughter of King Sombra. When they were in the Crystal Empire the first time, Rainbow had used shadow magic, powered by her strong wings, and moved around to inform Applejack about the Crystal Heart. Now, Twilight found out a few traces of dark magic Rainbow had left behind the first time. She immediately informed all the princesses and the mane 6 are in the Crystal Empire, hunting, unknowingly, for one of their own.

This is before after Secrets and Pies but before Shadow Play.

Chapters (1)

In response to ponyknappings throughout Equestria, Luna sends Rainbow Dash on a secret mission to get herself captured and gather intel. Rainbow is fairly certain the mission is ill-conceived but goes anyway.

Now, trapped in a dungeon, suffering a concussion, and facing a psychotic villain bent on destroying all friendship, Rainbow realizes this isn't the awesome mission she'd hoped for.


Spoilers for season 7 finale.

Story is finished at 17,000 words. I decided to just post it all at once now.

Thank you to Dusk Melody for reading through this so I'd find the courage to post! Thanks for all the input.

This story is tough to tag. It is funny at times and definitely serious at others. It is a little dark but not very dark. Maybe about as dark as the early Harry Potter books? Dark tag used to be cautious.

Chapters (6)

A Plans-walker as appeared in Equestria, with the a broken horn of a unicorn pony. In order to understand it's story Twilight and both her friends and the human Taylor must travel the multiverse of the Plans-walkers.

WARNING: This is NOT a lore friendly story. Most of the lore is going to be made up, as I'm not very proficient in MTG's history, if this offends you, I'm sorry.

Chapters (1)

PLEASE NOTE: Strong language contained (it's rated T for a reason)
You know the drill; guy goes to convention, buys oddly specific item from merchant, and presto: new world, new people, new fuckton o’ problems. I found all three Atlamillia being sold by a merchant, so of course, I bought the lot of ‘em, for just 60 bucks. Now I’m stuck in a world full of talking technicolor horses. Should I mention I was turned to stone the minute I arrived?

This is a displaced Fanfic, I do not own anything.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Hasbro product
Dark Cloud is a SONY Entertainment and Level 5 product

Chapters (1)

~Featured on Fimfiction 11/19 and counting. Thanks so much!~

(This story will release in weekly chapters, beginning 11/19/2017 and continuing through the end of the year. Enjoy!)

Ponyville. The cradle of Equestrian civilization. The tiny hamlet with a habit for producing ponies destined to save the world. Under the cozy eaves of Equestria’s majestic capital city above, she sleeps; dreaming of quiet days, glad tidings, and a bountiful harvest.

This is Twilight Sparkle's town; the place where she earned her wings by learning not just to make a friend, but to be a friend yourself. Cider season is nigh, and a birthday party for a dear friend seems like the perfect way to usher in the first snaps of winter's chill. It might very well have been...had that friend not suddenly ceased to exist. Twilight didn't imagine her. Did she?

It wouldn't be the first time things have gone wrong. But it could be the last.

Story Specific Cover Art by: Ranch

Chapters (1)

All Kirby wanted was to save his planet from being ruined by the hands of The Haltmann Works Company. He never dreamed that battling Star Dream would end with him being in a land of colorful equine creatures. His end goal is to return home, and the ponies are determined to help the pink puff get home. The question is, are they prepared for the trials that await them and will they be able to get Kirby home in the first place?

Chapters (1)

The Pegasus didn’t know what to say. She can feel, she can sense, she knows just how dangerous and powerful the creature in front of her is. The way everything avoided the human like a plague, his very presence is just... wrong. Like he’s not meant to be anywhere near Equestria...

Then she looked at her friends. The way they befriend him in only a matter of seconds, the way they smiled and welcomed him with open hoofs... It finally clicked to her, the one thing that starts all friendship.

“Bruce...” Fluttershy whispered suddenly. “Is it all right if I trust you?”

Bruce Gunderson: A Dimension Hopping Idiot, the Last Human, and the Protector of Equestria.

The latter title was gained when he accidentally destroyed the Elements of Harmony upon his arrival to Equestria. Considering he was known as the Harbinger of Death and Destruction a few centuries ago. It's not that much of a surprise.

To be fair, he's doing the best he can to protect his new home.

Chapters (1)

A 52-episode Kamen Rider fusion fic with forms based on the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe. Equestria's dark side has manifested as an ancient monster-creating superbeing called Equestria Vlitra. When the Mane 6 try to fight it with their Rainbow Power, they are killed and Rarity wakes up on a Gem planet. Even worse, Vlitra is sending monsters to hunt down Rarity and destroy the planet she's on! By unlocking her gem powers, she fights back with style.

Chapters (1)
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