Many years after the Elements of Harmony found new patrons and many Equestria's sworn adversaries have been vanquished, somepony in the Great Unknown rises from what could have been death itself. Left in a cold world he doesn't understand, this pony is required to find refuge at the last bastion of an old society, and to stand against the threat that seeks to smother the last kindling flame of hope.

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In the grand scheme of things, Rhymey Ward hasn't been through near as much as most of Starfleet, or even of the world. His commander survived the near death of one planet and the total annihilation of another. The Princess of the Crystal Empire, besides losing two siblings, ran to escape a curse of no one's making. 

And yet, just like them, he's having nightmares. 

The source is admittedly of a much smaller scale than Lightning's or Cadance's - he fears losing his talent, in brief. Logistically, the Phantom of Magic shouldn't be able to touch him to take the eponymous; but the dream pours it into him anyway. And after a streak of... less-well-received works of late, who's to say that he can stay as acclaimed a poet as he is a soldier even without that threat?

To the desperate writer, there is only one solution to this. A magnum opus, a work of his greater than United Equestria has ever seen. 

Will his duties aid him in this great task, or drag him down still further? What role will his sister play? And how much of himself must Rhymey lay bare to bring the Taleweaver to life?

A Starfleet Magic 'slice-of-life-esque' reconstruction, intended to slot into Season Four. MLP:FiM and characters © Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Some very minor original characters © myself, with one exception; the rest (incl Rhymey) © DakariKingMykan. Hack Writer © Ferry.

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Everyone wants there 15 minutes of fame
And for the background ponies its all game
But for Doctor Whooves, his heart is his guide
With friends like Derpy Hooves there by his side
Travelling to places all on their own
To discover what lies within the Unknown

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Rainbow Dash was killed when the Darkness, on it’s way to the Last City, ravaged Equestria to the point of destruction. Now she’s resurrected as a Guardian outside the Last City, plagued with memories of her past and echoes of a vanguard. As she becomes more and more powerful, will she learn that she’s meant to take Cayde-6’s place in the aftermath of his death and Uldren’s revival? Will she join forces with the likes of Osiris, Iron Lord Saladin, and the Guardian who stopped the Red War? And most importantly…

Will she become legend?

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Some say I'm myth, others says I'm a legend and most don't think I even exist. But then again not many even know just who I am. I am The Butterfly Knight and this is my tale.

(Special thanks to Viper Pit for helping me with this story. )

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This story is a sequel to Light and Darkness – The Shadow of Midnight

Still thinking about the colt he had met and to whom he had a strange connection, Star will become restless until he discovers who he is. When he comes to meet him again in a most unexpected way, the secret that his family has been keeping from him and his sisters will soon come to light and have consequences, for the better or for the worse.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox
Sixth story: The Island of Tambelon
Seventh story: Light and Darkness – The Shadow of Midnight

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With the Rainbow Festival a resounding success, the Mane Six relish in a job well done. They have helped bring joy and smiles back to Hope Hollow, and they look forward to hearing about many more successful Rainbow Festivals to come.

However, one of the townsponies interests them. The designer pony Kerfuffle is missing the lower half of her left hind leg.

Why is that, they wonder?

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[Be aware: this doesn't contain suicide or self-harm, but it definitely contains thoughts of it.]

“Things aren’t good. And they’re not happy. And they’re not what either of us would have chosen. But, Wallflower, they’re enough.”

Sunset had said that, and she'd meant every word.

Their relationship survived, and helped them survive, the worst times of their lives. No matter how bad things got, their love was enough.

She never imagined that all it would take to break them up was for things to get better.

This is a story about two broken people in a fundamentally flawed relationship. It's another depression thing (I seem to be cranking them out.)

When something can break through deep depression and give you normal feelings, there's a tendency to latch onto it as though it's the only available flotation, you're all alone in the middle of the ocean, and you no longer have the energy to keep you head above water. If that thing happens to be another person, it can give you a very skewed understanding of how you feel about them.

This story is about two people coming out of that. It's neither dark nor a tragedy; that should tell you something.

This story is to be my entry in Sunset Shimmer Shipping Shenanigan 3: The Final Shippening. (If I can finish it on time, that is.)

The premise came from the fact that the FAQ mentioned Anon-a-Miss again this year, and from the prompt boiling down to: "The relationship has to end". Everything else came from the idea, generously donated by someone else, that it could be a Sunflower story.

[Cover art by Scampy]

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It's a time of crisis and everyone must evacuate Ponyville. Sadly all Twilight can do is watch helplessly as you see, Ponyville is politically correct.
Special Snowflake Discretion is advised.
"How dare you assume your readers are special snowflakes!"

Disclaimer: The author does not condone the use of Political Correctness, He does however, find it freaking hilarious. If you take this story as anything but a ridiculous joke to make you laugh, then you are even dumber than the idiot who posted this.

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Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy - not the couple that their friends would have predicted, but a couple none the less.

At least, for now.

Confronted with the truth of Fluttershy's secret feelings, Sunset has to make one of the hardest parts of a relationship - coming to terms with it ending.

A non-entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

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