A week after Tirek attacked something attacks Ponyville elementary and reveals something about one filly that nopony expected.

A Warrior has risen, and she will do whatever she can to protect everyone that she is able to, too bad that monsters, demons and regular bad guys don't seem too pleased with this fact.

Hope you guys enjoy!
This took a long time to make
Made anthro because I couldn't get it to work/Sound right otherwise
the hiatus just means I don't have a lot of free time to write this story out right now

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This story is a sequel to Ethical Quandaries

Starlight still isn’t convinced that the strange biped world on the other side of the mirror in Twilight’s castle isn’t just some sort of complex arcane simulation. Sunset thinks she knows just the bean based exception that’ll set Starlight straight.

An unasked for sequel/crossover. Feel free to blame Majin Syeekoh for this. Part of the ‘Beanisverse’ ‘cuz I said so.

New here? Start with Beware of Beanis and follow the rabbit hole on down.

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This story is a sequel to Above All Others

Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash had been together as a couple for the last few years, and in this time Rainbow had been promoted to Captain of the Wonderbolts.  During a flying display she suffers a near fatal injury leaving the Princess of the Night with no easy choices.  What price would Luna be prepared to pay to consummate their love?

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What would it be like?

Spitfire has asked herself that question for years. From her upbringing to her graduation—and even her rise through the ranks of the Wonderbolts—a desire for change has always loomed in her heart, no matter how she might have suppressed it.

Now, with her strongest aspiration beginning to resurface, she's starting to remember why she wanted to make music in the first place: The world she lives in, the company she works for, the system she was born into, none of it is right, none of it should be the way it is. Could her music truly change that?

With a little help, Spitfire will come to realise that change is possible.

I cannot thank Ceffyl Dwr enough for the level of work he has put into pre-reading this story, offering suggestions, discussing and debating various details with me and generally helping me make this into something presentable. I'm immensely grateful.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: Kingdom of Friendship

Nightmare Moon; reformed into Luna
Discord; Work in Progress
Chrysalis; Haven't heard from in a while
Sombra; Stopped and body destroyed
Sunset; Turned over a new leaf
Tirek; Banished to Tartarus
The Sirens; Transformed and missing

Twilight and her friends have returned to the recently constructed Castle of Friendship, and Twilight's new home, with an ever-increasing list of accomplishments. But as they finally get to look the place over as they should, they summon a map of the world and it calls them to a spot in the middle of no-where.

What will they face there?
A harmless road trip?
Another world-threating force?
Only traveling there can tell.

A My Little Mages AU retelling of The Cutie Map

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Princess Luna is the Princess of Night, right? Correct. However, several ponies, including Twilight, know her as "The Princess of Snuggles."

After a long day, she just loves to snuggle her favorite ponies.

Except for there seems to be an extra member this time.

If this story gets featured, I'll write a sequel.

If this story gets up to twenty (20) likes I'll write a sequel.

EDIT: Sequel is up, and can be found here.

Story has been summited in Categoricalgrants Cuddlefic Contest group.

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Motion pictures impact individuals in different ways. The Exorcist, for example, scared audiences to the point that some ran out of the theater screaming.

However, every now and then, a film comes along and impacts individuals in a way that's much different than simply scaring them.

Sometimes, the film scars them.

And Rainbow Dash has just rented one of those films.

The Human Centipede.

Edited by James Fire.

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Spoilers for MLP Movie ahead, you've been warned.


After a long and perilous journey, as well as an intense final confrontation, Twilight has managed to secure the staff... and finds herself trapped in a raging storm.

Yet to everyone else on the ground below, she was only gone for less than a minute before returning perfectly unscathed and even happy. Did she simply use the staff to calm the storm?

Or... did something else happen as well?


Just a simple one-shot to illustrate my take on the movie's theme and moral. No relation or connection to any of my other stories.

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While this story is not intended to be a fetish story, it does contain ponies in diapers, and slight mention of them using these diapers. If this is something that bothers you, I ask that you either try to enjoy the story despite these things, or simply do not read. My intention is only a sweet, silly, cuddly story.

High Tide lives a quiet life by the sea, pleasantly existing day by day as he scrounged the ocean waves for treasures and nick-knacks. Not a whole lot happens, but that's fine. There's nothing in his life to complain about, and everything is fine.

Then, one day, he sees a mare playing in front of his house, splashing and bouncing in the surf. He watches, mezmerized, but how much fun she's having, and by that strange suit she wears, making her look like a dolphin, or an orca. She's hypnotic, aluring, different, new. His routine is gently shaken just by her being nearby.

Seeing her every day for a while makes him want to go up and talk to her, get to know her. And he finds he wants to talk to her more. Life becomes even better when he makes a friend as nice as Gabby.

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