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    What happens when a nerdy mare and her silly friends poke around the business of ancient ruins and magic spells? Alina Starfire, a mare in her youth, will have to see past her normal life to one of consant adventures.

    First Published
    21st Dec 2016
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    [General Description At the Bottom]

    Omnipotence was truly… Beautiful. But the 'holier-than-thou,' attitude sorta ruined it for him.

    “Tell me,” She asked, her tone nothing but condescending, as she leaned toward the face of the entrapped pony in front of her, “You think yourself important?”

    “Important?” Alex asked, scratching his chin as best he could inside the levitation spell that held him in place, “Maybe?”

    “Truly an impressive answer,” She scoffed, an ugly scowl plastered across her face, “You assume, that slightly altering the chain of events in a universe, could ever make you worth something? Pathetic.”

    “That hurts!” Alex half-grinned, feigning shock to her, “Between the time travel, the split personality, and the big wedding, I think I’ve made some sort of impact.”

    “You couldn’t be more wrong,” She  laughed, squinting lightly at him for just a moment, “Dust in the wind, was it?”

    “Great song, but inappropriate use, if you ask me,” Alex smiled, unsure if her prodding through the events in his head was something he should praise her for, “But, if you’re so sure that I lack importance, you need to start from the beginning. Not when you showed up last week. Not when Scootaloo and her friends saved Equestria. Not when King Sombra was turned to dust in front of his old subjects... Not even when Discord was freed from his stone imprisonment, and tried to take over Equestria again. The very beginning. Nightmare Moon, and the return of Princess Luna.”

    She gave him a sick smile, entertaining the idea. Perhaps it would be interesting to see things from such a... puny perspective. To see the series of events unfold. Of course, it could also be a waste of her time…

    “Fine.” She said, slowly placing him on the ground, and resting her horn against his, “Let’s start from the beginning.”

    “Get ready sweet heart,” Alex said, licking his lips and winking at her, as she closed her eyes and focused deeply, “It’s one heck of a trip.”


    Basically, a guy goes to Equestria to episode 1 of the series, and he changes the whole playout of the series, adding a bunch of side stories and different paths for some characters to take.

    And, he's an alicorn OC.

    Yeah yeah, I get it.

    Off you run and cry about it. I've heard about it twelve million times. Literally. Not Hyperbolically.

    If you insist on calling him a Gary Stu, and a self-insert, I'll assume you're flirting with me, and calling me perfect, since a Gary Stu tends to have no flaws .

    So unless you plan on taking me out, and maybe getting some wine in me, don't go calling me perfect.



    Cover art was done by Famosity! Here is a link:


    First Published
    24th Apr 2012
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    It's the night before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration and the Royal Guards assigned to Ponyville are arriving to secure the town.  Among them is Jade Storm, the newest and youngest member of the Royal Guard.  In fact, he is one of the youngest ponies ever to join the royal guard directly from the academy.  He was immediately resented by his fellow guards and rumours swirled around about meddling noble families and favouritism.

    Jade simply carried on as best he could since joining the guard was his dream for many years.  For him, this was his way to prove he was able to stand on his own hooves.  To show those ponies who turned their backs on him that he had value.  Most of all, it was a way for Jade Storm to convince himself he wasn't useless like he had been told by nearly everypony he knew.  Someday a chance to prove himself would arise and he would take that opportunity without hesitation.

    Gore Tag: The early chapters have some violent events and descriptions of injuries that may be disturbing to some readers.

    First Published
    29th Dec 2016
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    Trixie is known for her big ego. But what will happen when she falls in love with one of the students she didn't treat well? Will she be able to cope with her new feelings?

    This story is special because it will be the first time I will try to write the characters in first person. I will not follow the canon of the movies much. Everything after the events of the second movie won't be taken into account.

    The cover belongs to a dA user called TinaCrazy29. The original is here!

    First Published
    25th Jan 2017
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    Yeah, so, I'm a huge fan of Destiny. So I went to this convention with a few friends dressed up as my badass hunter. When we get there, I see a guy dressed like Xur. What do I see? Probably the best weapon I can think of, and that's Invective. Long story short, I am now in Equestria. The kicker? I'm not just my Hunter, but my Warlock and my Titan. I, or, rather, we, became Equestria's Guardians. We follow Celestia, but, being a brony, me and my other personalities know what's going to happen, and we decided to take our own steps to it. We are fire team lone. And this is our story.

    My own guardians with what I have, and my own opinions as to said gear. If you think otherwise, don't hate because of that. First displaced story, so it might be a little rough.

    First Published
    1st Sep 2015
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Mass Effect: Shattered Record, Broken Wings

    Please support me on Patreon!

    When a Prothean Beacon is unearthed on Eden Prime, Commander Shepard and Flying Officer Rainbow Dash are sent to oversee its transfer to the Citadel. That simple mission spirals quickly out of control when they find the colony planet in ruins and a vision of death and destruction awaiting them. When the rogue Turian SPECTRE, Saren Arterius, tries to kill them, a galactic manhunt begins to bring him to justice. What they uncover during the search will shake the galaxy to its core. It is just the beginning, and a storm is gathering.

    Special Thanks to Markotonc for the cover art, and Dorath for the support on Patreon!

    Featured February 18, 2015!

    A Mass Effect/MLP:FiM Crossover, the Third Story in the "First Meetings Universe"

    1. Mass Effect: Shepard and the Rainbows

    2. Mass Effect: Shattered Record, Broken Wings

    3. Mass Effect: Gathering Storm (Mass Effect One)

    4. Mass Effect: One Wrong Step (Equestria Girls Side Story)

    5. Mass Effect: Harmony Lost

    6. Mass Effect: Fight for the Lost (Mass Effect Two)

    7. Mass Effect: The Darkness Breached (Mass Effect Three)

    A. Mass Effect: Side Stories

    Out of the night that covers me,

    Black as the pit from pole to pole,

    I thank whatever gods may be

    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance

    I have not winced nor cried aloud.

    Under the bludgeonings of chance

    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears

    Looms but the Horror of the shade,

    And yet the menace of the years

    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how straight the gate,

    How charged with punishments the scroll,

    I am the master of my fate,

    I am the captain of my soul.

    First Published
    14th Feb 2015
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    Twilight Sparkle and her friends begin to suddenly transform into their more powerful selves. Of course, it has to be activated by something, but what does cause them to transform for the first time?

    Extra character tags will be added with chapters.

    I bumped this up to teen because of certain subjects brought up that could be triggering to some people, but I will provide warnings in author notes.

    First Published
    27th Feb 2017
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    Dark Flame is a young unicorn stallion who works as the local blacksmith and has protected his home village of Stonewall from constant dragon raids, earning him the title, Dragon Slayer. But when a dragon thought to be a myth attacks, Dark is left the lone survivor and loses consciousness during the fight against the mythical dragon. When he awakens, he finds himself in a hospital with a part of his memory missing, a few bodily changes, and six mares who have questions for him.

    Now trying to rebuild his life, Dark will learn about his new body, try to regain his lost memories, and attempt to live a new life of peace apart from his old life of near constant fighting and survival. Though if only it were that easy. New friends will be made, secrets revealed, enemies both new, old, and supposedly dead will rise, a love will blossom, and a ghost from Dark's past will threaten to destroy what little left he holds dear to him.

    This is my first fic, and any constructive criticism or advice would be appreciated in helping improve my writing, and in turn, the story itself.

    Featured: 6/24/16:pinkiegasp:















    First Published
    4th Oct 2015
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Convergence

    "Living in the pastel pony apocalypse has always been strange.

    Having a godlike knight, an avatar of vengeance and the latent magic of Britain, though, that one was a bit of a curveball. The PHL, a brave resistance group founded by Ambassador Lyra Heartstrings, is bewildered but enthusiastic at the unexpected arrival of David Elliot, the Avatar of Albion. His entrance into the PHL's world, bringing his unique curative magic and the warriors and militant cults of his world, is a double edged sword, however - for his enemy, the corrupted Celestia now known as Empress Solamina, has her eye turned to these new worlds with the intent of conquest.

    Faced with war on multiple fronts, a war unlike anything in their history, the peaceful 'Downtime' Equestria must prepare now to stand by its allies, or risk losing everything they have worked so hard to accomplish. Time... is running out."

    Though I should point out here and now: This is not exactly a sequel to Convergence. More of a sidequel, really. Marking it as a sequel was just the easiest way to mark this as connected.

    First Published
    24th Jan 2016
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017
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    When the Stars align darkness shall rise and only harmony's shining light can push the shadows back; question is...Will the stars harmonize in time? Find out

    No clop; sex only implied and talked about

    First Published
    28th Feb 2017
    Last Modified
    28th Feb 2017