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    [Don't let the Gore tag scare you off! It's for light gore at the end of Act I and onward!]

    Within every one of us, even the best of us, there is an essence of Goodness, and an essence of Evil.

    After a freak accident resulting in her mother falling into a coma, Twilight Sparkle put her magic studies aside to pursue medical science in an effort to save her. Eight years have passed, and Doctor Sparkle has successfully concocted the TS8 Formula, a potion that can separate the natures of goodness and evil that lurk within the hearts of us all.

    All that remains is a small test to prove that both the Formula and such a separation are conclusive. Everything will be certainly fine . . . right?

    (AN: Takes place shortly after "Too Many Pinkie Pies", but before the "Twilicorn era".)

    Based on Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

    Pre-read/proofread by TechnoFlare, Sixkiller5, and Crystalatrix

    First Published
    31st Aug 2014
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Junior Flight Camp: The Crusader and the Bullhead

    It's been a few months since Scootaloo learned to fly at Flight Camp, and she still hasn't brought her flying buddy over for some strange reason. But an opportunity presents itself: the Warrior Meet, a gathering of martial artists from all over Equestria and a chance to get lessons from the best. Surely that's enough reason for the little martial artist to finally come to Ponyville?

    But a lot has changed since Flight Camp, and Scootaloo is reluctant to admit just what. As if that wasn't enough, the girls have to contend with an armoured alicorn prince and a ninja school hiding an even greater threat... one closer to home.

    It's a whirlwind journey of self-discovery, complete with action, drama, comedy, and, of course, flashbacks interrupting the action, drama, and comedy! Also weekly updates! Expect a chapter every Saturday, and exclamation marks in the chapter titles, like any good manga.

    First Published
    6th Dec 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Death Come to me

    [1st Person all Soarin's P.O.V]


    Takes place 3 months after Death come to me.

    Soarin is struggling life without his beloved at his side.

    Will he be able to survive?

    Or will he move on with his NEW very special somebody?

    Or will he crumble just like his fiance?

    Wait you didn't know he popped the question?

    Well it'll all be explained in the story.

    And will he be fine and move on with his life? Of course he can...

    But of course he won't do it alone. Fleetfoot,The M6,and Spitfire will help him get thru this...

    Or maybe not. Soarin soon realizes that Spitfire is hiding something from him... Wait SHE'S.....

    Contains:Sex implication no actual sex (My mom will kill me if she ever finds out:twilightoops:),Alcohol consumption,suicidal thoughts,Depression,Curse words,ETC. and Pls. If you just recently lost a loved one or got into a fight with your special somebody or just broke-up with said I special somebody I suggest not reading it until you are all OK I swear this and the following Chaps. will bring sad and painful memories.


    This is the best cover pic I can create :twilightsmile: (Yes, I make my own cover pics:twilightsmile:)it shows Soarin thinking about his life and Dash is pregnant cuz it's like a 'What if she lived?'

    And Thank you so much Galop Free and Sky Rocker 21 for editing this story(Not really:rainbowlaugh:)

    This is Sky Rocket's

    This is Gallop Free's

    P.P.S. this will probably suck since I........ I'm an armature writer :twilightblush:

    and It will end up with Soarin and Spitfire living with each other so if you don't like it you may now look away:rainbowdetermined2:

    First Published
    4th Feb 2017
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Earth Without Us

    On May 23, 2015, the world ended. It wasn't violent, it wasn't bloody, and it wasn't even very dramatic. The entire population of the planet vanished. But they didn't stay gone; almost at once, refugees started trickling back. Unfortunately for them, they didn't come back with their humanity intact.

    Demons lurk beneath the sea, while strange spirits whisper promises in dreams. Empires rise, dictators control, and ponies have nowhere to turn for help. Nowhere except themselves, and old-fashioned hard work.

    This story is an anthology. Each chapter will be independent, though some chapters may reference characters or events from previous sections. This story began as a series of blog entries, so those who read those may have seen some of these before.

    In general, each of these chapters was written in an hour and was not edited to my usual standard, so expect a few minor errors (sorry!). Chapters are posted in chronological order, so new chapters may appear in the middle of the story.

    One final note: This story has no regular posting schedule. It will update whenever I feel like it.

    First Published
    14th Feb 2017
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    By some cosmic happenstance, a young woman is transported to Equestria, and finds herself in a precarious situation. She's taking it in strides so far. Maybe because finding herself in an alien world and in an alien body is not the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

    Some wounds, especially those of the soul, can take a long time to mend. What healing arts can the ponies of Equestria offer a scarred young woman? What can she offer them in return?

    Timeline-wise takes place in the later parts of season 4 but before the season finale. It also mentions events from the EG-movies and the comics, but neither of which are required watching/reading in order to understand this story.


    - Human-turned-into-pony-

    - Who's kind of okay with being a pony-

    - And becomes friends with the Mane 6.

    - Being a pony is pretty awesome.

    - Equestria Girls happened.

    - And Celestia is not a jerk.

    Cover art by the extraordinarily skilled viwsrasputr.

    Art by Cyanjames2819.

    Leave a comment if you so desire. Simple praise also appreciated.

    First Published
    21st Oct 2014
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    The short description says most of it.

    I always have a bunch of concepts popping up in my head. Most of them don't last more than a few minutes before i dismiss them as stupid. Some are keepers and might someday evolve into written pieces. Then there are those in between that are either very short or where the ideas stops after the intro and/or concept. This is a collection of a few of the ones I can remember.

    First Published
    2nd Feb 2015
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    Over a thousand years ago, ten Elements of Harmony were lost in another world. Now a group of young teens must come together, to protect this world form the evil that threatens it. With the help of the mane seven, they must become the Guardian Power Rangers.

    Takes place after Legend of Everfree and in place of the next film.

    First Published
    21st Feb 2017
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    Since the part where Dash was all, “alright, Scootaloo, I could be like your sister or something”—back when I was a filly, about ten years ago, now—things between us’d gotten pretty awesome. She taught me how to fly, I was there to cheer her on when she got into the Wonderbolts, we hung out all the time—stuff like that. I think we did a pretty good job of being sisters, for the most part, and I’d bet Dash’d tell you the same.

    But, you know, if I’m being honest, I’d admit I’d probably always felt something not quite sisterly towards Dash. And by that, of course, I mean I had a total and absolute ridiculous crush on her. But it was never really an issue—like, it just made it that much more awesome to be around her and stuff.

    Well, that was until Dash started with that flying test to get into the super elite division of the Wonderbolts. That’s really when all that came out into the open—and looking back on it, it was quite the cluster-buck, the way Sweetie Belle and Lightning Dust got all tangled up in that junk. I mean, not that I give two bucks about Lighting Dust, but Dash does. And then I do feel pretty bad about the stuff I put Sweetie through with all that. I mean, I wouldn't say I regret anything exactly, but there’s no two ways about it—it was what it was.

    Actually, you want to just hear the whole story? I suppose I could tell you if you want.

    First Published
    6th Sep 2013
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    The life of a traveling musician is difficult. For Octavia, home is no longer a place but a cello case. All the same, she continues looking for new places. Every week brings a new city and a new hotel room. Every night brings a new gig or a new bar.

    Late one of these nights, she finds herself roaming the streets of Canterlot. Knowing she can't go home, she searches for someplace better.

    First Published
    25th Mar 2017
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Consequences

    Flying is a lot like life. Keep beating your wings and hope not to hit something at terminal velocity. Being an Alicorn doesn’t make it any easier.

    Especially when you are trying your best to keep it hidden.

    Since the defeat of Tirek, Blank Page has been trying his best to keep his sudden case of Alicorn hidden from the general public.

    Because honestly, who would want that much responsibility?

    Coverart by Sipioc

    First Published
    26th Jan 2017
    Last Modified
    25th Mar 2017