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    This is the story of how Luna becomes an engineer and runs special freight and passenger lines all over Equestria.

    First Published
    25th May 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    Enter may have failed to defeat the Go-Busters, but he did have one last resort. During the final fight in the sub dimension, in a last ditch effort, he launched all the Metavirus cards, old and new, along with data replica's of some the Messiah cards into another dimension. Figuring the random dimension wouldn't have Enetron, he programmed the cards to convert whatever energy they could find into Enetron, as well as setting them to activate on their own when they collected enough energy, while programming the Messiah cards to seek out what they originally infected. What he didn't know... was that the dimension... contained something... far worse than humans. It contained... ponies.

    First Published
    11th May 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    Crossover with DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Slight spoilers ahead.

    Set during LoT Season 1 sometime before the Time Masters reveal and before the MLP Season 5 finale.

    A team had been formed by former Time Master Rip Hunter, an unlikely team, but they wish to prove themselves as Legends. Their mission: stop Vandal Savage before he conquers the world in the future.

    After travelling to a point where they believed he could be stopped, Vandal got a hold of an artifact that could travel through dimensions. And so, the Legends follow him, unaware of his location.

    With the Waverider in this strange world, the Legends must save this world and theirs from Vandal Savage's tyranny and whatever the Time Masters throw at them to stop them from messing with time and space.

    First Published
    29th Jan 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    A new jumpgate is discovered, or rather a very old and decayed one that had been brought back online. House Hawkwood sends a bold explorer through to discover what riches await on the other end. He did not expect equines to be the result.

    This is a Fading Suns/MLP crossover. Did you need to know Fading Suns? Nah, learn along with our pony friends.

    Done as a patreon reward!

    First Published
    2nd May 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    The heart. Such a mysterious source of power. Those with weak ones soon find their hearts lost to darkness. Those with strong ones have shown to unleash the most powerful of lights. But what makes a heart strong? What makes the darkness so attracted to it? I must know.

    Twilight. Applejack. Rarity. Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy. These six posses the strongest hearts in all of Equestria. They may show me the answer to my questions. But to unlock the secrets within them, I will need a key. A key that no one will miss if it vanishes...or perhaps, a key that no one knows to exist at all. I need a keyblade. I need her.

    Xion will be based on her game and manga counterpart.

    First Published
    29th Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    After a night of partying at a brand new night club, Morningstar and Rarity almost share there first kiss when a vampire fruit bat interrupts. now theirs a mysterious mare threatening to overthrow Princess Celestia and take over Equestria. on top of that Rarity's sick and it looks like Morningstar is the only one who can stop it, but at a price he may be willing to pay

    First Published
    9th Nov 2016
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    Idea by Haseo55.

    After trying to stop a man forcing himself on a woman, the police arrived at the worst possible time and arrested you instead of the real crook. Now you have a criminal record and got expelled from your school because of it, your parents shipped you off to Canterlot to live with a family friend and attend the only school that will accept you: Crystal Prep Academy. Once you arrived, you learned the only reason their principal, Abacus Cinch, accepted you was to reform you and reintegrate you as a member of society, something that Canterlot High didn't do.

    But as your first day began, strange things started occurring; psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns, and a disturbing new world that has a link to it all. Soon you and your new friends at CPA will discover that you all have the power to stop this madness and solve the mystery of who's behind it all.

    The power of Persona.

    Author's Notes:

    Tags will be updated as the story continues.

    The original idea is from Haseo55 after reading a forum post on Persona: The Group.

    EDIT: New cover art provided by TheLannistersBanjoBard.

    First Published
    20th May 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    Loosely based on The Selection Book Series by Kiera Cass.

    35 mares. 1 dragon. The competition of a lifetime. Applejack never thought she would end up in a Selection to win Prince Spike's heart much less actually wanting to see if she has a future with the dragon after all! For Spike he is going to have to make a difficult decision if Applejack can't stay after all.

    First Published
    9th Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim

    Life on Veldin, a planet in a remote corner of the Solana Galaxy, is becoming somewhat boring for Ratchet. Fortunately he's got two younger sisters that bring some excitement to his life, despite all three of them being different species. One of his sisters is a unicorn named Starlight Glimmer, while the other is a Cazar named Sunset Shimmer.

    All Ratchet knows is that the three of them all arrived at the Veldin Orphanage together. One thing they can all agree on, however, is that they need to leave their home behind so that they can truly find their place in the galaxy.

    (Does not require having read the previous story to know whats going on)

    Edit: Timeline

    Ratchet and Clank: Complete

    Going Commando: Complete

    Up Your Arsenal: Complete

    Deadlocked: Complete

    Size Matters: Complete

    Tools of Destruction: Complete

    Crack in Time: In Progress

    First Published
    7th May 2016
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017
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    Slain by his best friend, Andrew Detmer finds himself thrust into a world of myths and legends made reality. How can he possibly maintain his apex predator mindset in a world with creatures the size of mountains, whose rulers are capable of moving the very heavens themselves, who can tear him asunder with but a glance if they so choose. He doesn't want to make enemies, but he isn't in a rush to make friends either. All he wants to do is what he wasn't able to accomplish on his own world. Travel. He wants to travel this new land, being the first and only human being in an alien world, he wants to make the most of his indefinite stay.

    Cover art made by BlueKazenate, commissioned by me.

    Chapters 1-7 proofread and edited by Pree Spunkables. 10+ by lunarstallion

    NOTE: Prerequisite knowledge of Chronicle the movie is highly recommended, but not entirely needed.


    July 25, 2016

    May 16, 2017

    First Published
    23rd Dec 2014
    Last Modified
    25th May 2017