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    This story is a sequel to Flying Sky-High

    So much has happened in the past year. Friends have been made, battles have been fought, and love has bloomed. Now at long last, Rainbow Dash has the chance of a lifetime: a chance to become a Wonderbolt and instantly be part of an elite squad. However, one of the key judges for the tryout is none other than her love: Soarin. He is bound by his profession to be fair and honest in his selection. Will their relationship give Dash an edge in the tryouts? Or will it strike her down before she even gets there?

    Also what of the dark magic within Soarin? He's kept quiet about it for a while, but not all is as well as he lets on.

    And what of the Shadowbolts? They scattered after the battle with Nightshade. Surely they didn't just disappear.

    A story of remaining strong in the face of harsh challenges. Life and love can be tough, but strong hearts always find a way to prevail.

    Edited by: Kestrel (and on occasion: Lucky424)

    This Fic's length is a bit intimidating, but it is broken into four parts, each of which could be considered their own stories with clear beginnings and conclusions. I decided to keep it all together because it was how my outline was structured (aka i completely underestimated the length).

    This is not a Gurren Lagann Crossover. The title was a coincidence. (But said coincidence has led to many references and characters that parody the anime)

    Featuring multiple chapter illustrations by: Scootafail/Chiwee, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: darkmoonrising, Colorstrike, and foxenawolf

    I also like including pieces of fan art drawn by my readers if they drew certain scenes. So far i have included some fan art by: GlitterDash (Dev art: chessaw), Hopscotch, MyLittleXyo, Ice Blade, mlplover789, EchoSong, sweet Isolation, Pie Is Epic, melovedogs123, CowgirlVK, CrystalMelody_kc, Noble Savage (Deviant art: thatdamntenpin), Those Kids In The Corner, natis120, eveyannie, PhonicBoom, bambiki, Randompig212, Schemmer, SOARINDASH1, Neonspirit, NorthernLights8,  kikirdcz, Fuzzette and Cantil

    First Published
    3rd Jun 2014
    Last Modified
    18th May 2017
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    Now that Earth and Equestria have made contact, lots of ponies dream of visiting Earth, and while tourist visas are hard to come by, a few lucky students each year can participate in a foreign-exchange program.  

    Silver Glow is one of those lucky ponies.

    She thought she was prepared for Earth, but can you ever be fully prepared for a truly foreign exchange?

    Link to the dramaturge

    First Published
    25th Feb 2016
    Last Modified
    8th Mar 2017
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    This story is a sequel to Ynanhluutr

    Rainbow Dash endures many trials to reach the edge of the world.

    First Published
    13th Oct 2015
    Last Modified
    18th May 2017
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    Rainbow Dash has it all:  a life of mystery and suspense, ups and downs, adventure and calamity.  As time goes by, she finds herself swiftly becoming the most daring, awesome pegasus in all of Equestria.

    She would gladly give it all up, though, just for a chance to tell Applejack how much she loves her.

    Cover art by DarkFlame