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Some sort of Horse Latin · 6:27am Aug 24th, 2014

The Latin-O-Meter, situated at, attempts to analyze your prose in terms of how much Latin-derived material it contains, and therefore, by its lights, how pretentious (or worse) you are. Here's the scale:

20% and below: You see the world in concrete terms
20% to 35%: You sound educated
35% to 60%: You sound pretentious
60% and above: You are probably lying

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Slow and steady · 6:41pm Dec 14th, 2013

I was, of course, delighted when The Sparkle Chronicles got its 1000th view; meanwhile, the voice in the back of my head, always ready to shoot down Instances of Undue Glee, muttered "Yeah, call me when you get 1000 views on a second story."

Hey, Voice! It's for you!

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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