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::What Is Your Favourite Kink?:: · 9:49pm Dec 9th, 2019

In case you haven't seen it yet
I posted an anthology fic last month:: Barley's Bar Hop
It already has porn-shorts of a wide variety of different kinks that I've been steadily expanding on
Just to name a few of them:: #Futa #Lesbian #Exhibitionism #Cum Dump #Sleep #Urine #Bukkake #Public #Cum Sharking #Beastiality #Post-Orgasm Torture #Incest #Rape
And many many more.

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New Story and Futa Rarity :: But also old story and not-futa Rarity · 6:34pm Oct 15th, 2019

I'm keeping the train rolling and posting a new story This Friday
It's Titled:: Private Show
Starring Rarity and Aerial Star (the trapeze pony from Viva Las Pegasus)
This one's setting is a bit different from usual
It's EQG but set when Rarity is a bit older and has become a fashion icon
Also, she's futa and a total player cause that's how I roll B)
It's got some #Seduction and a little #Muscle

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BroNYCon::Free Commissions · 12:12am Jul 22nd, 2019

I'm going to Bronycon
If anyone else here is going and wants to meet up let me know
Leave a comment
I'd love to meet some of you

Also, if you do manage to find me in person
I'm planning on doing a couple of Free Commissions
For anyone who wants to hang out at the con
So if you're interested in that also let me know
it's for a project I'm working on

If you're not going to Bronycon and just waiting for me to post another story
My bad on taking a long time

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New Chapters of Pull Me Closer ::Friends With Benefits:: · 1:28am Jun 12th, 2019

The New chapter is about ready, I just need to do some final editing
If you read Pull Me Closer back when it first came out then my bad on the long wait
Writing this chapter was just a bit of a mess, so let me explain what's gonna happen

The new chapter ended up being split into 3 Different Pieces::

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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