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Apology for the recent silence · 2:25am Nov 9th, 2017

Comrades, I am extremely sorry for the recent huge content gaps that been happening, its because of my quality controllers A.K.A. test readers had been losing interest or generally not having enough time which I respect as they are all volunteers, I have finally found another person that can perhaps test read all my pre-release content. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PRE-READ MY STORY PLEASE CONTACT ME I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THAT. Thank you for your support towards my story (dislike or likes alike)

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OC blog Crimson Shot from Dr.Derp Muffin drawed by me · 2:37am Sep 30th, 2017

The picture of Crimson Shot


Gender: Female

Race: Unicorn

Body Size: Shorter than average with a messy mane

Clothing: Flight Jacket

Weapons: Mosin nagant, Makarov and pocket knife

Characteristic: Easily frustrated and determined but weary when confronting face to face, Cautious.

Nationality: Russian (Moscow) Democracy

Relations: Crush on Fire Tan

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results