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Imitation can only go so far before you spot the outright theft. · 2:35am Sep 7th, 2018

So I was reading a story to kill time, just enjoying myself.

Then I notice that this author was writing about runes. Cool, I thought. Someone else likes the idea.

Then I noticed the words seemed mighty familiar about how he was explaining them.

The idea of aspects? Hmmm.

Oh wait, long lost family returning to canterlot to see the princesses. Hmmmm.

Oh wait, the same fucking lines used to introduce them to the characters and story as a whole?

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So I'm thinking of making a decision soon... · 3:23am May 11th, 2018

And it revolves around Foster Father.

I'm getting demotivated about writing it because I get nothing but negative comments about it. And I can understand that.

Aus wants to scrap the whole thing and rewrite it, and I really can't fault him for that either.

I'm going to give it two weeks to introduce the one character I really wanted to before I decide either way.

In the meantime, I'm spinning another story idea with him. One that I really think might take off.

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So I hear your complaints. · 4:57am Jan 24th, 2018

Aspect is too overpowered, you say.

Aspect is getting all the mares, you say.

Well. I built Aspect to be overpowered. Simply so that I could depower him in glorious fashion. Or perhaps create a rival or two for him to fight that are just as equally overpowered.

And as of this moment, Aus and I have only written up to the start of season three. And even then, we haven't decided who we're going to ship Twilight with.

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