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The Ambassador of Evil · 4:17pm Jul 24th, 2016

The first chapter is in the approval Queue!

No cover art yet, but it will be coming hopefully soon!

Also, I will be leaving to grab my car from Washington soon, to drive it to Arizona. That means I'll be unable to write for a couple days but I'll be coming up with what happens next during my travels.

Thank you so much for following me!



So, I realised a thing... · 2:33pm Jul 23rd, 2016

The Wedding Aftermath is about a 400-420 page book.

That I wrote in 26 days.

Now I know why my brain is fried! I can barely think of what to write, and every attempt makes me grumble with what I come up with. I think I'll have to take a break for awhile so I can recover.

I will write the sequel to The Wedding Aftermath, though I don't know when. Hopefully within the next 30 days I'll start writing again.

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My next story! · 7:43am Jul 23rd, 2016

I have my ideas all planned out this time, so there shouldn't be any crazy as fuf Red and black alicorns popping out of nowhere again this time.

However, I'm waiting on cover-art for the story, and it's a picture of Garotte ^.^

I'll probably start writing on the 23rd of July, and get some chapters ready to go.

Till then, thanks for following me!


How does one 'blog'? · 5:36am Jul 17th, 2016

Hello! I've discovered that this 'blog' device is a thing that... does... something.

Also! I have a Tumbling account.

Wait, Tumblr?

Blr? How is that even pronounced?

Yes, i can see perfectly fine. What do you mean 'Blur'?

There is no blur in my sight!

Oh! Right. The thing. Yes!

Here it is!

By selecting this, you may 'link' to the Hivemind and ask questions of me!

Yes, Gaius, I know what i'm doing. Your concern is appreciated.

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