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"Life in the Donut Hole" Promotional Blog - Episode 4 Release · 9:15am Jan 9th, 2016

My name is Matthew Rock. I made the dimension leap hoping to find a better life in Equestria and a decent job, but instead I'm stuck at some hole in the wall. Guess I gotta make the best of it for now.

Life in the Donut Hole is not your normal HiE.

It does not contain a human saving Equestria.

It does not contain a human with special powers.

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LitDH Pick the Episode Results! · 5:13am Aug 7th, 2015

Option 1: 0 votes
Option 2: 3 votes
Option 3: 2 votes

WINNER: "The Photo Shoot" - Matthew cooks and Fleur-de-Lis poses for an advertisement for the restaurant, but both Matthew and Fleur have a problem with how the final result comes out.

Well, I'd hoped a few more people would have turned out to vote... :fluttercry: Ah, well. Expect this one to come out anywhere from tomorrow to Monday.

Busy weekend.

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Life in the Donut Hole: Pick the Episode! · 7:25am Aug 3rd, 2015

Yes, I'm holding a small poll for the next chapter of "Life in the Donut Hole". You've got 3 options for the next chapter, and this poll closes in 48 hours (12:00AM Wednesday PST).

Choice 1: My Date with Vinyl - A pony friend of Matthew's decides to try and hook him up with someone, but Matthew's idea of date might be ruined when she has different ideas.

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LitDH "Episode 3" is live · 6:30am Jul 29th, 2015

This Week's Episode: "And Then There Were None"

Princess Celestia orders Donut Joe to make a special plate of eclairs for a party, but when the pastries stop disappearing a sort of game starts to see who might have stolen the coveted dessert.

Next Week's Episode premieres on: August 7

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Hi · 4:26am Jul 17th, 2015

So I don't have my laptop for a while as it's getting fixed. Minor thing and will be done in a few days. So ''Life in the Donut Hole'' episode 2 got uploaded early. I have a notebook and pencils so I can work on episode 3, but it might take longer than expected. So, instead of Friday, the next update might come out on Saturday.

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"Life in the Donut Hole" episode 2 is live · 5:22am Jul 14th, 2015

This week's episode: "The Hypnotist's Roommate Can't Sleep"

Matthew Rock thinks he's feeling homesick after spending 7 months in Equestria without seeing his family, but tensions around the house may prove that being homesick is the least of his worries.

Next week's episode premieres on: July 24.

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