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Elpis in pictures · 4:50pm Sep 27th, 2018

Rich Burlew (Order of the Stick) accidentally made a comic strip version of "Elpis"!

I tried inlining the image here, but it turns out it's too tall to display on fimfiction. Here are the first 5 panels:


AShadowOfCygnus reads "Elpis" · 1:01am Oct 10th, 2015

AShadowOfCygnus recently did a fantastic reading of "Elpis".

This was really interesting for me to listen to, because it let me enjoy the story for the first time.

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An explanation of "Elpis" · 4:24am Dec 20th, 2014

I wrote an explanation of "Elpis" in response to The Royal Guard's rejection of it. I realized while writing it that I hadn't understood the story completely. So odds are pretty good that some of you didn't, either. Here's my explanation (revised since I sent it back):

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Reading of "Elpis" by Cherax; other readings · 9:19pm Nov 24th, 2014

What time is it, kids? It's time to crash your browser!

Somehow I missed this: Cherax did a reading of Elpis:

It's a hard story to read, what with its mix of subdued tone and dramatic events, and rapid switches between fast and slow narrative. I think he did a good job. Plus, British accent.

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Should "Elpis" have the Dark tag? · 12:34am Aug 11th, 2014

I removed the Dark tag from Elpis. It has a hopeful ending, and it has the "gore" tag to warn people there is a little bit of gore. I call a story "dark" if it makes me feel hopeless or pessimistic. You wouldn't, I think, call Lord of the Rings or Star Wars dark, though they have all manners of dark, grim, and gruesome people and places, and loppings and choppings of limbs and other things. (Think about it: How many scenes of

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Karmic justice, or, The Celestial Empire Strikes Back · 6:46pm Aug 4th, 2014

Monday, I posted a story in which Celestia limps a mile and then drags her crippled body another mile down the Road.

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Ἐλπίς (Elpis (Hope)) · 4:42am Jul 29th, 2014

I have to apologize--you folks pledged all that money for the Clarion write-a-thon, and it doesn't look like I can get another story out before Bronycon. Especially since I found out I left part of my costume in Pennsylvania. And have to rebuild it. And can't use the 3D printer I just spent 2 full days making a model for. I'll get some stories out; they just won't be in time for the write-a-thon, which ends during

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