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Rocky Relationships Now Published! · 4:14am Nov 15th, 2014

If any of you liked my previous EQG oneshots, then good news! I have another one up:

Rocky Relationships

Meet Maud.

Maud isn't your typical Canterlot High student. She often eats lunch by herself, never has sleepovers with anyone and seems to spend most of her time with her pet rock she named Boulder.

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Writing a new oneshot! · 6:20pm Jun 26th, 2014

(Disclaimer: On Her Mind was tagged in this since this may be relevant to readers' interests.)

A little something to get me back up to speed. Considering I've written just over 1k today, I think it's working.

The School Inspection (Working Title)

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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