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Happy Easter, Things, and an impromptu Q&A · 4:46am Apr 21st, 2014

*steps up to reinforced podium*

Some of the more observant among you will have noticed that there is a distinctive lack of new chapterage on A Filly Called Pet.

*ducks a thrown shoe*

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A few things about A Filly Called Pet, progress, upcoming, and the new episode. (because I can) · 9:35pm Feb 22nd, 2014

Right so since most of you are probably here about A Filly Called Pet, I'll start with that.

I had the next chapter almost ready to go, and then I read this blog post by the ever talented Viking ZX. Hit me right between the eyes.

Basically it's about character development, something which after reviewing my outline(s) with a critical eye, I found to be lacking.

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AFCP will be delayed · 4:37am Dec 6th, 2013

Three hours ago I touched down in LAX airport California.
Home at last.

Ten minutes ago I got home from the memorial service of an 8 year old girl.
Home at last.

Ashley and her younger brother were walking home from school yesterday when they were both hit by a car. Her brother made it, she didn't.

I knew Ashley from church and from my writing. As some of you know, when writing a character's voice I try to model their speech pattern off of real people.

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