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Chapter 10 is finished, only need pre-reading. · 1:15am May 25th, 2015

I finally done it! I've finished writing chapter 10! Now, I only need my editor to pre-read and not drink too much due to... the way I write.:twilightblush: So, expect it sometime this week I guess.

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Lack of updates · 3:12am Apr 10th, 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm afraid that my personal life is more of a mess than I'd like, making me drift between lack of motivation and laziness.
Anyway, the final of main fic should be this week-end, so I'll be able to fully plan the rest of the fic with the others. I'll try to have at least an update per month.
Oh, and I was wondering. What should I work on first. Finish my remake of the first chapter or work on the next chapter?

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News about Total Eclipse of the Sun · 5:02am Dec 13th, 2013

Don't worry, the story is still alive. I just have been... lazy lately. In any cases, here my plans for what going to happen.

I plan on reworking the existing chapters to improve the quality, especially the first one... For those who remember, there was a rather lengthy part for nothing.
I also want to add some chapters that will be on Michael point of view. They should tell what happen to him while Alex was gone, explore his relationship with his family, and other fun things.

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