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Announcements · 6:31pm Sep 19th, 2015

Hi everyone! I have a few announcements to make. One: I may continue Starcrossed and the Cheesepie trilogy sooner than I planned to. If my mid terms go well then I'll try to post a few chapters. I think I left it on a cliffhanger? So i wanna try to finish it asap. Two: I am planning on moving my stories to AO3. Its a lot easier to manage there and I can possibly gain more views. Three: I have other stories in mind but I will not begin writing them until later this year or early next. I

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Possible Cancellation · 11:35am Jun 5th, 2015

Lately I haven't been feeling inspiration for continuing with Starcrossed or anything of that nature. As a matter of fact, I am not really too active in the fandom anymore. I've been watching season 5 but I'm not invested like I used to be. So I may be calling it quits. I'm sad to say that I may be soon stopping these works and future works to do others on ao3 and other sites. While I do love writing for Cheesepie and they're so adorable I'm kind of sick of the negative comments and stuff.

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Back from Hiatus. · 4:47am Feb 2nd, 2015

So I might finally be returning to write after nearly a four month hiatus. I'm thinking about starting Starcrossed over.It isn't where I wanted it to be so I apologize. The next chapter should be up this week or next week. I don't have that much free time due to some hard college classes this year but if I get any free time, I'll get to work. Also there might be other stories coming soon. Maybe a crossover? I might have to do another break because I do have another fanfic for a different fandom

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On Hiatus · 1:28pm Oct 23rd, 2014

Starcrossed will be on hiatus until further notice. Thank you.

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