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Let me do my thing... · 9:37pm Mar 20th, 2015

Okay, so earlier today, I tried Googling one of my favorite songs by The Crystal Method, which is how I learned that my fanfiction is the first result you get when you search for "Wild, Sweet & Cool." Non-brony fans of TCM (who are likely the majority) must find this rather confusing.

Anyway, WSC turned 3 this year, though I'm a little late for the anniversary. In any case, here's the song it's named after:

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"Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" · 3:12pm Apr 5th, 2014

Holy crap that episode was awesome. And, as a bonus, Wild Sweet & Cool can still plausibly fit with canon. Yay!


1. Equestrian history!

2. Adorable animal sidekicks!

3. Late 80's rap video! Also, Vinyl Scratch apparently does turntablism, as well as EDM-style DJing.

4. Costumes!

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This milestone business is getting repetitive... · 11:50pm Feb 3rd, 2014

I don't know why, but it seems like a whole bunch of my stories are passing various impressive-sounding statistic all at once. This time, Wild, Sweet & Cool got its 1,500th thumbs up a few days ago, and I didn't even notice (probably because I was too busy coughing and sneezing at the time).

Speaking of which, it feels like the worst may be over for that cold, so I'll probably be able to get started on the next chapter of Flash Fog later this week.

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