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People · 6:53pm Aug 11th, 2016

You people are awesome! EVEN if you don't think you are. EVEN if you have depression, or anxiety. EVEN if people don't accept you for your gender, sexuality, race, friends, personality or anything else. Just know that there are people in this world who think thta you are AMAZING. And that you should keep doing what you're doing because you're doing it awesomely.

Love from,
An overly excited depressed girl who is happy for once :heart:


The Day Ponyfic Kept Me Out of the Emergency Room · 2:27am Nov 4th, 2015

Today: A Litany

Didn't sleep well, lots of pain and fatigue.
Had to talk to the boss about pain and fatigue.
Fire drill goes off before I can.
Forced down 13 flights of steps by an asshole.(not because he was doing his job, mind you, but because he was an unprofessional asshole whilst doing it.)
Paramedics(on hand for the drill) called over.
My chronic fatigue and pain are put on display for all my co-workers.
Also put on display for every other business in the complex.

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Whoop whoop look at that number right there! · 9:53pm Aug 17th, 2015

Who said I would go that far?! Thanks as always even if I'm trash and don't deserve it :3 Now gotta do the 600 shit... For now let's celebrate:

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Annnnnnd... I'm back · 5:45am Aug 3rd, 2015

Been gone for a while. I'd rather not cover the why issue since I already told one of ya but instead focus on how I kept distracted these last five days....


Yeah, yeah, it's a four day con but we left the day before so we could be there at the crack of dawn. We even exhausted our entire alcohol supply on that first night, trying to make a drinking game out of cards against humanity.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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