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And Away Ice Star Goes... For Now! · 10:11pm Nov 29th, 2017

I am not happy.

Maybe that's a good way to start this. Or, maybe I should say this: I'm going on hiatus.

Please, don't leave. I have a lot to explain. First, what will this hiatus mean? It means that I will not be on Fimfiction or Discord. There will be no apparent updates to my stories, and no new content. The hiatus starts at the end of today, making the 30th of November the first day of the hiatus.

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Quick new one shot! Featuring Trixie! · 7:35am Jan 8th, 2020

It has Trixie. If you really liked Wishing Werelights there's some connections the two share that you'll like. If not, you'll still like it. Trixie does Trixie things. Oh, and there will be that new story in, like, five days. With all this writing getting done recently there's actually something to blog about, and uh, a lot. Especially compared to the 'Yes, I'm alive and writing a little' stuff I had been making for most of 2019 regarding projects.

Enjoy Trixie!

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Don't You Just Hate It... · 6:00pm Oct 4th, 2019

...when you get this really good idea for a fan fic--this sort of adventure/mystery sort of tale feature Gallus, Spike, their respective pasts, their presents, and details on certain long-absent family members--but you know, deep down, you really don't have the time to commit to such a project?

Especially when you're me, and are trying (and only kind of succeeding?) to cut back on long-form fanfics? :rainbowlaugh:

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Regarding Bibliography (Or Something Similar) · 6:29pm Jul 17th, 2020

Hi guys! I had a question for some of y'all. I've been teasing that true crime-y/NSFW gore story project for a while. It's currently 7/11 chapters into it's first act. I have the eighth on the backburner while I work on Enemy of Mine first, of course. I don't normally do research on stories or for their content beyond "How can I make a pun out of this?" and "How does this thing work?" because I generally do not need to. Fantasy story research doesn't generally fall in the realm of

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shoutout for a friend's group and also story progress stuff! · 5:52pm Sep 21st, 2018

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