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Spooky Buddies · 4:58pm Oct 14th, 2015

It looks like I'm being dragged along to see this film called Spooky Buddies next week. It looks terrible. I visited the Wikipedia entry for it just now. I think somebody's had a bit of fun editing it recently…

Roger Ebert gave it five stars, saying that the movie was "Scarier than The Exorcist." He died a few years later, and some say that he had a heart attack from remembering the ghost puppy in Spooky Buddies.

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Looking for an editor and proofreader! · 10:33am Jul 8th, 2015

I need someone to help with minor story editing and who knows how to use/edit wikipedia. I'd like to get my FoE story out there a bit more as I'm going to be writing a LOT more on it.


Equestrian City Wikipedia Update! · 1:43am February 1st

Greetings MetaVerse Fans!

As we have a rich and deep world we've built over the last 8 odd years, I've been slowly trying to build our wiki up with little success. I'm trying..AGAIN! :P So if your interested in learning more about the MetaVerse and Equestrian City, head over there.

Keep in mind it's a work in progress ;)

Also Spencer and I wouldn't mind help on how to build this darn thing as I'm..scratching my head.


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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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