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Fae Courts as Metaphors for Reactions to Trauma · 1:18pm Jun 22nd, 2019

Those of you that actually pay attention to the drivel that runs out of my head and onto the screen on occasion know that I love my metaphors. Metaphors are a great way to talk about things without actually talking about them. Great stuff for indirect communicators.Which is why I was so very, very drawn to White Wolf’s Changeling: The Lost setting. On the surface, it’s a world of darkness role-playing game. You get to play people who were abducted by the True Fae and taken to another

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It's 6:11 A.M. · 10:11am Sep 25th, 2017

Big futa horsecock
So scary

(comment stolen wholesale from /mlp/)


Everfree Northwest Day 1 · 10:39am May 14th, 2016

7:30 am: Still can't sleep. Get out of bed, take shower.
8:30 am: Check computer.
9:15 am: Go to Denny's.
10 am: Regret going to Denny's.
10:40 am: Finally get back to room and change into real clothes for the day.
11:00 am: Make note of which episodes that Larson and Rogers worked on so I can reference it during panel to maybe ask for questions or elaborations from stuff they worked on.
11:15 am: Get to room for first panel. See Xepher and meet Pen Stroke.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results