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The Ponies Made Me Do It. · 6:54pm Jan 24th, 2017

As I logged out of playing Slender: The Arrival last night at about 2:00 A.M.

I thought to myself i will need a scapegoat. I was going to be in no condition to get up like at 6:00 A.M and go to school, at that I would have most likely looked like a mess too. So I decided to just play it safe and dodge school today.

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Who's dead? No, no, no! Not Me! · 1:53am Sep 20th, 2018

I was gonna make this blog earlier today but suddenly there was a blackout on my block.
God bless the shitty electricity company that charged me almost u$s100 :twilightsmile:
Anyways, chapter 3 was hard to write. I've been dealing with author's block since... March?
I rewrote the beginning at least 7 times, it was even a struggle to do coherent paragraphs :facehoof: But I wanted to get this done, cuz I felt if I could take it out of the "To write" list, I could move on.

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words · 7:47am Feb 28th, 2019

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So I commissioned some cover art for this upcoming thing of mine, and well... people seem to like it, so that's cool. Wanna thank mysticalpha for the awesome job on this.

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let's see · 1:42pm May 1st, 2018

1 day until the last day of youth group of the school year
3 days til Star Wars day
4 days until a webseries i watch starts a new season
4 days until @Dollie's birthday
6 days until 2 new eps of Steven Universe drop in the US
10 days until Breaking In is out in theatres
11 days until my birthday
somewhere between the 6-10 days I believe my sister starts drivers ed
12 days until Mother's Day
12 days until my 7 month anniversary w @TheArquius

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some other stories · 5:36am Jul 31st, 2018

this is the most blog posts ive done in like a year.

but i thought i'd put out there, if only so i don't forget about them, that i have two, non HiE stores that i've had in the works for a bit. and if anybody thinks they sound interesting, i might finish them up and post them once Family Tree gets rolling

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More Snow Angst, plus updates /0/! · 11:47pm Jul 19th, 2020

You like hurt/comfort? Harsh realities? Snow's writing?
Welp, I might or might not have published a lil' story :duck:

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