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Review #75 - Mothball pranks the ponies, Rainbownomicon · 2:46am Mar 15th, 2017

What have I have done recently for me to promote? Oh well, I'll just do something:
*I have now started Hard Reset -If you haven't read this yet, go do it.
*Motherly -A dark fic about (A Usurper) Chrysalis and her mother. In case you can't figure it out, this takes place before the return of NMM.

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Badfic Slaughterhouse #27 · 7:05pm Jun 8th, 2016

To the surprise of all, the doors of the Badfic Slaughterhouse have opened once again. Five stories await judgment. Which ones are worth reading, and which ones will be thrown into a grinder for your twisted amusement? Click the button below to find out.

In this edition:
—Rarity subverts expectations by not subverting expectations.
—Twilight adopts Sweetie Belle.
—A pegasus bursts into flames.
—A rabbit just bursts.
—I make up a new question for Cards Against Humanity.

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Read It Later Reviews #39 – There’s A First Time for Everything; Cutie Mark Crusader Magicians, Yay!; On the Application of Time and Motion Efficiency Studies to Initial Relationship Formation; Gilda Has the Floor; Rainbownomicon · 2:21am Dec 15th, 2015

Reviews, reviews, who’s got the reviews?

TD, apparently.

In an attempt to simultaneously get something done, clear out the Royal Guard queue a bit, and to procrastinate, I’ve got five more stories read and reviewed for you folks.

Today’s stories:

There’s a First Time for Everything by Dubs Rewatcher
Cutie Mark Crusader Magicians, Yay! by DrakeyC
On the Application of Time and Motion Efficiency Studies to Initial Relationship Formation by Estee

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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