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Premiere dates of new episodes of The Owl House season 2 and Amphibia season 3 · 9:35am March 20th

The Owl House
March 19 - Follies at the Coven Day Parade
March 26 - Elsewhere and Elsewhen
April 2 - Any Sport in a Storm
April 9 - Reaching Out
April 16 - Them's the Breaks, Kid
April 23 - Hollow Mind
April 30 - Edge of the World
May 7 - Labyrinth Runners
May 14 - O Titan, Where Art Thou
May 21 - Clouds on the Horizon
May 28 - King's Tide

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The Owl House is 2 years old! · 8:26am January 10th

Today, January 10, 2022, marks the 2nd anniversary of the critically acclaimed series created by Dana Terrace. Not only does it have an incredible story and well-written characters, but it also made groundbreaking history for having proper LGBTQ+ representation in a Disney series.

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Luz and Amity finally shared a kiss · 12:03pm May 21st

This highly-awaited moment from the 20th episode of The Owl House season 2, Clouds on the Horizon, made me scream so loud with joy. As Hooty said, "They're adorable and deserve all the happiness".

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results