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pony butt tier list · 9:12am May 25th

does not include ponies we are not familiar with due to canon ignorance (we'll catch up one day)

S-Tier: Babs Seed, Derpy, Bonbon, Celestia, Applejack
A-Tier: Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Luna, Lyra
B-Tier: Rainbow Dash (we have a special fondness for her butt despite its tier placement), Cadance (the underappreciated butts tier)

there are no butts below B-Tier in our estimation.

this is our 100th blog post.

stay tuned for pony-puss tiers. <3

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Ember, Cynical, and Charles' Fast Food tier lists. · 1:37am May 3rd, 2019

So... fast food tier lists. They've been popping up a lot on the internet lately, for some god forsaken reason, and it was only a matter of time before me and some of my Skype pals decided to make ours. I made and shared mine first, but because I'm making this blog post, I'll share mine last. After some debating about what goes where, Cynical finished his and showed it to us:

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JoJo Stand Tier List: Stardust Crusaders to Steel Ball Run · 3:26pm Jun 16th, 2019

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