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In Her Shadow, a new short story in the WWB verse · 7:49pm Aug 18th, 2021

I've got something that I've actually been sitting on for months, but I only just now was able to get cover art for it. It's a bonus story to Thicker Than Water, and unlike other recent WWB fics, this one's written by me. It's around 3k long, and it'll come out on Friday so I have time to go through it and edit once more (since it's just been sitting for a few months). Details and cover below the break!

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New art for Thicker Than Water! · 10:34pm May 31st, 2021

I was surprised today by the wonderful applejackofalltrades, who drew Thicker Than Water era Shy and Dash hanging out. Check it out below!

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The (Near) Half-year mark · 8:57pm Jun 12th, 2018

18 chapters of Bad Company
2 one-shots
1 chapter to Xenophobia (next one is being written but slowly)

I'm having a good time writing, it's not the old forcing myself to write problem I had because now I write to unwind from work and just feel better in general.

I still have things under wraps and with the end of Bad Company closing in I'm considering bringing others of my old stories alive. Those include, but are not for certain:

Thicker Than Water
One Hundred Ways
Ha! Nope!

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August Update · 9:08pm Sep 2nd, 2018

I think I'm going to start doing these monthly. Keep myself accountable, and all that. I'm currently averaging about a chapter a week:

As I feared frankly expected, the chapters are still being split for length, so it's getting kind of hefty and we're looking to shoot for the 200k mark. I'm sure they'll get edited down a bit in rewrites, but probably not to the point where I can condense them back into singular chapters.

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An update on the previous blog post (Bitchette/Washouts mixtape made) · 3:49am Nov 2nd, 2023

So I expected to, after writing my prior blog, I expected to do some writing. Instead, I finished the Bitchette/Washouts tape. I gotta say, I really like this one! Many images under the cut.

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Read It Now Reviews #24 – Butter Up, Seamless, Thicker than Water, Luna, There’s a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane, Allure · 1:00am Mar 6th, 2015

Apparently my birthday is a good day to read pony stories.

The stories I read today:

Butter Up by GaPJaxie
Seamless by Terrasora
Thicker than Water by DemonBrightSpirit
Luna, There’s a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane by boardgamebrony
Allure by TheSlorg

Butter Up
by GaPJaxie

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