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The Ship it Show · 9:46pm Sep 7th, 2020

Created and hosted by Tara Strong and Greg Cipes...

Hosted every Tuesday at 2pm PST (5pm EST)

This show is dedicated to all ships of all kinds. Every week, they pick a ship and blog about it on the show. Even inviting guest stars to chat with them.

And they also gain help from us viewers.

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Missed the SHIP-IT SHOW · 12:34am Jun 9th, 2021

Well, it finally happened... I missed the LIVE Ship it show that aired today.

I've been having horrible sleep spells at this time of day.

-The PTSD adds to it (Keeping me awake at night or waking me up too early)
-I completed another vid for Greg Cipes to promote his "Dogism" (as asked by Greg)
-Working on Starfleet Season 10
-Now I got a whole bunch of new ideas for Yugioh E-Quest

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I was on THE SHIP IT SHOW · 3:08pm Jul 20th, 2021

Here's the vid...

I wore my cosplay mask because... I miss the cons, and The ship it show loves cosplayers, and this way they know it's ME for sure.

July 5, I was contacted by the show and asked if I wanted to appear on a community show to celebrate the love of the most regular coming guests.

They also asked me to recommend other people to come on the show, hence some of the guests.

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The Ship it Show (MLP PonyPalooza TONIGHT) · 8:19pm Jan 5th, 2021

there's the link...

show debuts 2pm Pacific and Western time. (That's 5 pm eastern)

If you have a YT account you can log in and hang on the chat that's there (Until after the show that is)

I'm already there, so are many others (Tara, Greg and even the cast like to come on too.) we can all talk and hangout.

UGH!! I still can't stand MLP... but I promised to attend every single ep, even if it's a cartoon I don't know or like, or a ship.

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Ship-It-Show (Ponypalooza) · 9:57pm Dec 29th, 2020

I may as well let people know this...

Ship it is planning an MLP show next week... January 5 (Tune into their YT channel or Rooster teeth, 2pm PST... 5pm Eastern)

*SIGHS* I will be attending that ep, though I really don't wish to. I made a promise to the Show as well as a concept Tara and Greg agreed with.

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