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Oh boy. · 3:43pm Jul 9th, 2017

Well. This is certainly a thing. Remember The Company We Keep? Y'know, that cheesy supernatural horror-comedy that I wrote with Cadance progressively going insane, but in style? And all the ghosts and stuff?

Just like Tomb of Magic it's finally gotten an updated and revised version, with some new dialogue and any errors - like continuity errors - fixed. Unlike TOM it didn't need any new scenes or anything, but there's about 2-4k* of words that weren't there before now.

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Revising Fanfics + Feedback Thingo + Editing Talk · 5:06pm Oct 20th, 2018

I think I've mentioned in a recent blog that I've been working on a revision for Favorable Alignment, because I found some things (a short list of things, but still) that weren't up to par and really looked like they were in need of just... a once-over, of sorts. That story is by far my favorite of all my works, and I would like it to reflect that. Hence the revisions, when I have the time for them (and cramming in updates for Enemy of Mine because that is a thing, also). So far,

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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