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New Story: The Alicorn Problem · 2:18pm Oct 20th, 2019

I've decided to finally publish something instead of holding onto it for eons out of fear of it being terrible. I've got to stop letting doubts and perfectionism cease my progress. Can't get better if there's no feedback.

So, here's the first chapter of this shortish story. My previous blog post was about this story. It follows three different viewpoints, and a variety of solo viewpoints. The three mains are Moon Dancer, Twilight Sparkle, and Sunset Shimmer.

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All Possible Worlds: A Sequel · 4:21pm September 1st

Thank you so much everyone! Technically it's been a few weeks since the last person filled out my little questionnaire. Nevertheless, I am quite astounded by the amount of answers I got, especially considering that this was just a minor fanfiction that ended some time ago on a show that ended also some time ago. I am, to say, overwhelmed by the surprising amount of answers. So, thank you everyone! And to those who skimmed the questions and chose not to answer, I also thank, because that's what

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results