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Wanna play my Super Mario Maker 2 levels? · 3:39am Jul 7th, 2019

I like to think I'm pretty decent at level design, and I've come up with a handful so far. For those curious, the ID of my first course is [RS7-MQF-RPF], and from there you can go to my maker profile and try them all! A couple are meant for multiplayer, though.


In case you're interested... · 9:06pm Nov 15th, 2015


Thought Prism Recommends: Super Mario Maker · 2:34am Sep 14th, 2015

So, I wasted what probably amounted to too much time this weekend playing Super Mario Maker. I don't understand how that title somehow isn't among the currently-being-played games on the system menu. It's a super in-depth level editor. For Mario platformers. It's both enjoyable to both play and create levels. Hell, even IGN gave the game a 9/10. The problem is that everyone is a scrub and isn't putting nearly as much effort into level design as I am. So go make some, and shoot me

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[Metacritic Monday] Super Mario Maker · 3:23pm Apr 12th, 2016

Play my levels, lol.

Hello everyone! My name is SuperKamek and welcome back to another episode of "Metacritic Monday", where I bitch and complain about people who bitch and complain. Wow! Created on yet again a Tuesday! Will I ever make this show on Monday? Will this just continue being a running gag in this show? I don't fuckin' know! Ask Stephen Hawking or something.

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Super Mario Maker 2 - The Master Sword, new course parts and more! (Nintendo Switch) · 12:49pm Dec 2nd, 2019


Super Mario Maker 2 · 11:06am Jun 28th, 2019

Super Mario Maker 2 is finally here!

... This is something you probably won't want to miss out on.


SuperKamek's Super Mario Maker Courses! XD · 10:42pm Mar 20th, 2016

They are REALLY difficult, but also amusingly challenging. Here is the course code for the first one for those of you willing to and brave enough to play it:

A432 - 0000 - 01FE - 7FEA

"Kamek's Skewer Land". Word of warning: There are a LOT of Skewers. So much so to the point where the entire level is based around this one obstacle, with a few other things in your way as well.

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Got A New Nintendo Switch Game! · 2:05pm September 1st

I've been waiting for it to be delivered by mail for over a week, but I finally got it yesterday! I didn't say anything sooner because I was having too much fun! It was Super Mario Maker 2 in case you were wondering :scootangel:

I'm trying to finish my chores for today so I can play it again, and with that game, I'm using the World Maker function to remake N64 Pokémon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle, it's a work in progress, but hopefully I'll finish it soon.

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I'm making Super Mario Maker 2 Levels! · 9:20am Aug 5th, 2019

I used to make stuff back on SMM1, but it was pretty beginner level stuff and I had no idea what I was doing.

and the same truth holds here! Kinda. I'm trying to improve.

I'd still definitely consider myself a beginner, so if any of you guys happen to have SMM2 and would like to give me some advice, it'd be appreciated.

I only have two levels so far:

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Super Mario Maker 2 - MyHobby Edition · 10:05pm Jun 29th, 2019

I got myself a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 mostly so that I can play levels other people have made, because folks are dang creative. However, I've spent the day making a level.

I've spent the better part of it just trying to clear it. :facehoof:

It's not a stupid-hard level, it's just a tough platforming challenge. Sooooooo if any of my followers wanna see what a MyHobby-designed level looks like, feel free to give it a whirl!

Level: Thwomp's Pet Snake Block
ID: 7LD-C93-1PF

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