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Are you ready for Season Six? ‘cause I ain’t! · 9:07pm Mar 23rd, 2016

There seems to be a lot of crap going on at the moment with me…stuff I let pile up and stuff coming up. While easily more than half my followers and friends hope against hope that King Sombra has something to do the Crystal Empire’s weather mishap, I aggressively ignored putting hope in my heart while keeping busy on FIMFiction.

I’ve always had a problem with pacing myself.


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The Search for King Sombra or Adventures in Gameloft's My Little Pony, part 1 · 6:46am Apr 12th, 2016

So something silly tonight in the hopes there are other players of Gameloft's My Little Pony out there who would enjoy this or would like to hook up on the game.

I haven't played for a while, then I saw they finally got King Sombra in the Gameloft game.

I was like

So guess I gotta pony up, as it were, and get the Mane Six to get my Sombra. Well, every King needs a harem, right? 'kay, why not?

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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