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A time to travel and a time to tweak. · 9:41pm Aug 9th, 2015

So yes, as I mentioned in the notes for Chapter 21, I'll be away all of next week so 'Scaleless' will be taking a brief hiatus until I return . I'm hoping this will give me time to build up a bit of a buffer for chapters as I had before a few twists in my life severely cut down my free time. Maybe if I'm really lucky I might be able to start on one of the one shot stories still sitting in my planning folder so I have a few more works to my name here.

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Which story title appeals to you the most? · 6:23am Oct 22nd, 2017

Here is a list of story titles for (possible) upcoming stories. Tell me, which one appeals to you the most.

Note: These are all Alternate Universe, rated M stories that contain sex

Daybreaker's Equestria

The Swingers Program

Passion Beach Diaries

And then there were fewer ponies

The Seducing Island

The Scandal of Ms. Harshwhinny

The Secret lives of the Wonderbolts

Cheerilee's Secret Job

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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