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Glim Glam depression · 9:48pm May 8th, 2017

I have had depression issues in the past, usually MLP is a way for me to find solaice and happiness. Lately thats not the case as Starlight Glimmer seems to just be an anchor around my neck, I feel like she is dragging this show down as all the effort in episodes is in ones focused on her, and she is displacing Twilight as the main character.

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latest episode · 11:04pm Aug 12th, 2017

The latest episode of MLP I didn't care to much for. Also I hated how Starlight was the voice of reason and the lesson TEACHER to Twilight in this recent episode. It for the most part was a Twilight episode with some moments for the other six members but it seemed like Starlight was the voice of reason and teacher of the lesson.

Yeah I hated that, because I hate her. She is not worthy of teaching Celestia something and definitely not Twilight. :facehoof:

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results