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That New Outfit Smell · 11:36am Jul 1st, 2015

As I approach the end of Act 2, I've finally hoarded enough credits to purchase the pieces for my Sith Warrior's Act 3 outfit. An upcoming plot twist makes sense for a change of appearance, as well as concealment of features.

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For you, the day the latest tale in the Captain Goodking saga was released was the most important day of your life · 2:04pm Sep 10th, 2019

But for me, it was Tuesday:

TThe End of Time
The last and most epic tale in The Captain Goodking Saga is here! In an effort to stop the maniacal Kronos, Doctor Whooves recruits many of Equestria's heroes (and Captain Goodking, of course) to help him.
Leondude · 27k words  ·  18  3 · 133 views

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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