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Spoilers, All Ya'all. Spoilers everywhere · 9:01pm Aug 25th, 2019

So... apparently the Dutch version of season 9 hit the wild before schedule. Derpiboru is currently lighting up with tons of spoilers, as it usually does, and if history repeats as it usually does, this site isn't going to be far behind.

Just thought I'd give a head's up on it. Would be rather suck supreme to have an ending nine years in the making ruined, so might wanna take it slow on the fan-sites and such for a bit.


My Thoughts on S9E26 The Last Problem · 1:59am Oct 13th, 2019

Problem is such an odd word to say sometimes, it's like nonsense.

NOTE: This is all expressly my opinion. I appreciate everybody's opinion and I only ask to be left to mine.

So end's the great generation 4 of the classic My Little Pony brand. What... a.. RIDE!!! One I've gladly missed the last two seasons of.

Several months ago, I had seen the spoilers for this episode. All of them, every single one, any I could find.

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[News + Update] Flutterpony & Snow Bullet's ban, plus some other things · 7:27am Apr 22nd, 2016

Hey guys, Spoiler here, with a super-early-morning EST post. Just wanted to poke in and let you guys know that we're kinda-sorta still around. In fact, we've taken notice of the fact that a certain figure of the community has been... let's say, "unceremoniously and indefinitely evicted from the premises", now. This will surely come as good news to some, and horrible news to others, but the fact of the matter is -- as you can tell -- one Flutterpony has been permabanned from

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If you put an episode spoiler in front of someone's face without giving a warning..... · 1:00am Jun 11th, 2019

I'm sorry if I upset you by unknowingly posting something that could potentially turn out to be a story arc in the future, but it does not give you license to treat me or anyone in such a manner, and it never will. If this is where you draw your line at having mercy on people and their faults, I highly suggest you step back and contemplate your morals, values, and priorities.


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