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A Quote. · 4:06pm Jul 9th, 2015

Oh remember when I asked if my stories were crappy? I found this. For all self doubters or those who think their writing is crappy:


690th! AKA Dedication to Red · 10:29pm Apr 5th, 2017

Red The Mel to be specific. My best friend. And (potentially) future second girlfriend. You are amazing, gurl!

And I don't care what Fallout dude says. Or what my past self said to him. She and I were made for each other.

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Story Update Rotation · 7:16pm May 25th, 2016

So now I've five stories to keep updates with huh?

While I still can't set a definitive schedule for when updates will be out I can give a guarantee in what order I'll be updating each story.

In order of upcoming update:

1. The Moms have been Doubled.

2. Big Sis Twily Shorts

3. The definition of "Soulmate"

4. Bridging Words

5. "Why does everypony say that?!"

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Fluttercheer News: Stories about Silverstream, Nightmare Night, The Weak Start of Tempest Shadow's Journey, Addressing my Ko-fi page situation, Derpibooru Author Tag + Userlink and "Fluttercheer's Word of Wisdom" · 11:11pm Sep 25th, 2018

As a few of you have probably noticed, I am finally back in the writing business proper since Sunday, after three months of basically zero output courtesy of depressions that let my writing tempo slow down to a crawl. I have finally released a new story that I had promised for a long time now (I will talk more about this one below, for those of you who wonder about the

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