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I have a Fallout Equestria idea (Somewhat) · 6:13am Oct 9th, 2016

Due to me playing Fallout 4 alot on Xbox One, and Reading Project Horizons (by Somber)
A Fallout Equestria Story thought came around.
I would've put my Main Ocs Lightning Storm and Angel Heart as the Main characters, But I thought I can change it up a bit, It would be Based of Fallout 4 and how it's started off(Not going to spoil it for those of you who HAVEN'T Played it yet)
But It's still more or less of a Thought in progress,

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And I have returned home! · 12:04pm Sep 9th, 2015

Now, I shall make preparations for my future endeavors, and also upload some holiday photos later on or tomorrow, depending on how things progress here. Our house hasn't been, well, watched entirely well by my brother, but at least he didn't burn it down so that's good I suppose, right?

Anyways, need to get these things sorted now so speak to you all soon as I can.

Peace out, my loyal minions!


Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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