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And I love YOU, random citizen! · 1:03am Feb 25th, 2017

I have no idea how I attracted so many followers but it happened! Thanks for liking the bullshit I write enough to give me a follow ♡ And the same to all that read, vote, and comment!! I appreciate all of it and all that you cool cats do to keep me motivated to write more crap!

I've currently got like 3-4 other Appledash stories I'm working on, but I have no idea when I'll be done with them. I may be posting a chapter of one of them soon, if my lazy ass can get into gear!

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Snapchat · 9:48am Sep 2nd, 2018

Anyone fancy adding me on there. Would like to start some streaks with people because I'm lonl--bored af.

Name is Lillivvywivvy

Hope to see some of you :heart:


So I'm a girl now, apparently. · 9:33pm May 25th, 2019

So I see this filter for Snapchat roaming the internet recently, as something that apparently portrays the user as the opposite gender, and I'll admit, as someone who's always been mildly curious about what it would've been like to be born female, it seemed intriguing enough for a quick check. What would I apparently look like in the double X club? Short answer:

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Why I had the best Christmas in history · 5:43am Dec 26th, 2016

Here's what I got:

- Skyrim
- Titanfall 2
- a new computer (I won't have to write off my phone anymore!!) and get this: it's a gaming computer!! Complete with Microsoft 10 so I can hook up to my Xbox One to it and permission to install the following games: Undertale, World of Warcraft, and Five nights at Freddy's: Sister Location!!!!!
- a bunch of MLP shirts, socks and figures with brushable hair.

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Look, it's a life update! · 8:17pm Jul 28th, 2018

Hello all! 💙

Contrary to popular belief I’m not dead yet! I actually have some news.

In a week’s time, I’ll be attending my uncle’s wedding, and shortly after I’ll be going camping (much to my displeasure) with my sisters and parents and some other people I think? I’m not sure who else exactly is coming. Anyway, expect nothing from me for a while.

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