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About the new chapter · 12:17pm Oct 25th, 2016

So, if you've read the latest chapter for the Love Storyline, you may have some questions. If you haven't, minor spoiler warning.

Anyway, one question would be how the hell did Faust get into the story and how does Treble know her?

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Ever had a story disarm you of your cynicism? · 3:38pm Jan 11th, 2017

First, some quick MLAABQ-news: 9200 words written as of the time of writing this. Subject matter for the chapter is so far is prostheses and inventions. Some new side-character, character-interactions, the usual. Emotional gut-punches? None so far. Humor? I’d say so, yes. A few thousand words left to write at least. I gotta end the trend of writing short chapters with measly 10k words :derpytongue2:

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Family Tree (yes, this again) hopefully posting very soon · 5:20am Jul 26th, 2018

i. having been working. on this same story. for three years. (maybe longer my memory's crap)

it's getting a little ridiculous at his point, i managed to smooth out some major plot holes that i didn't bother thinking about for some reason and banged out like 5 chapters but i'm terrified to post them because i have been guilty of posting stuff and then losing steam. plus i'll be starting full-time college soon and my free time will be spotty at best.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results