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Development · 6:58am Jun 10th, 2018

I'm sorry for not writing for a while. Life got in the way on a writersblock on top of a lazy spell. I needed something to get me in the mood and BNHA has... kinda helped. I need music that fits the oppressive feel I try to make for the story.

Otherwise, I may be gone for a while. I do want to set things up for my return though.

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The Blacksun Reader Input · 8:05pm Nov 15th, 2017

Hey guys, I'm wondering what you want to be in Never Setting Sun? It might give me ideas. Spells, missions(like side quests), and potential ideas for the characters in the story. I might not use much of the latter, but no idea is stupid. Only an unrefined idea.

I'd like to hear what you guys come up with. :twilightsmile:


20th Story · 6:01pm Oct 10th, 2017

I'd like to thank each and every one of my viewers. But I'm not going to since I know barely anyone will pay attention...

Made my twentieth story, Marevel Comics... Please read and enjoy.

In other news, which of the following should I focus on writing?

(A, Never Setting Sun: next chapter?
(B, Help Me Comments: a comment driven story?
(C, Ennegrecer: a story about the Crystal War/Sombraverse with Twilight?
(D, My Sweet Dashie: next chapter?

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First Impression Reviews: Episode Six · 2:49am Apr 18th, 2016

Below are two fanfic reviews based purely on the initial impressions provided by the first chapter (or first 3k words.) For an outline of what my reviewing guidelines are, go here. Please do not request reviews!

My first Mature story review is below. I don't believe I can link directly to the story, even on my blog, so I linked to the author's profile instead.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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