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The oldest story on FIMFiction just turned 10 years old. Let's talk about that. · 3:58pm Jul 8th, 2021

On July 8th, 2011 — 10 years ago today — The Greatest Equine Who has Ever Lived!, a short story by Sethisto, was published to FIMFiction:

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I regret nothing. · 1:31am Oct 10th, 2015

So, Ghost and I were chatting and I mentioned how Sethisto dislikes stallion faces because he feels their noses look like trashcans. This is the result.

The door slammed open, crashing into a pile of cushions placed there for that purpose. People only ever entered Dotted's office in two ways. The cushions were there for the first, and for the second, there was a rather cunning array of traps and deadfalls.


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Fic-A-Minute: The Greatest Equine Who has Ever Lived! · 10:57pm Feb 19th, 2016

I'm hoping that mother nature blew her load for the rest of the Winter. Being buried under a foot of snow was fun when I was a kid. Snow Day! But, now that I work for a livin', no such luxury.

This week, I give you the greatest story on the site. The break can barely contain it!

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results